3 III. The Maid

Casey was simply just sat there and looked at the lake as she was taking in the fresh air. So much better than Red Cast, she thought before she heard something behind her. she turned and she was stunned to see the lord of the estate that she was working at the moment, Earl of Kensington, Lord Magnus, was smiling as he was making his way toward her.

He looked good in his waistcoat and ruffled shirt, breeches with his hessian boots. No, do not think about it, Casey, she reminded herself before Casey got up and curtsied to the lord himself.

"My lord, I don't know that I was interrupting you," she said as she was looking at the ground, trying her hardest to avoid his green eyes.

Green as the emeralds they were.

"No, no, please. You did not disturb me. In fact, I was the one that disturbs you," he said as Lord Magnus was trying to form his words. Casey noticed that he was hesitating to approach her.

Was he afraid of me? wary of me perhaps? Casey did not know but her little heart ached at the thought.

"Are you always spending your evening around here?" Magnus asked her before Casey nodded, not knowing what to say to the lord of the estate. She was only a servant, a lowly maid after all. If the dowager countess knows what she was up to and talked with her grandson, there will be hell to pay.

If she knows, that was.

"Perhaps I should leave you alone then," Casey said before she was about to go away from her favorite spot. But Lord Magnus was shaking his head.

"No, no. I will go, it is a gentlemanly thing to do after all. I don't want my lady to be in trouble of getting to a new place," Lord Magnus said before he smiled at her. Goodness me, he has a radiant smile, Casey thought before she was clearing her throat.

"If you say so, my lord," she mumbled before Lord Magnus laughed.

"Please, call me Magnus."

"I don't think that would be appropriate, my lord. After all, I am only a servant to you. I should not be using your Christian name," she said as her eyes were looking at his handsome face.

Black hair as midnight with eyes of emeralds. Only a lady would wish for Lord Magnus Flemington to be her husband.

In which Casey was far from being a respectable lady that could marry him.

And he's betrothed the princess, she reminded herself as she was looking at the lord.

"Then, you shall call me Magnus when we're alone only, Casey," he said her name smoothly that made Casey's insides turned with a leap. The butterflies were fluttering before she felt her cheeks were flushed with heat.

Oh, Gods! I am blushing! She thought before she smiled.

"If you insist, my lord,"

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"What did we just agree upon?" Magnus said before Casey hid her smile.

"If you insist, Magnus," she repeated but replaced with his name. Magnus smiled as Casey can see from under her lashes.

"That's much better," he said before Magnus left her again as he was making his way to the estate. Casey wanted to follow him for his radiant smile and easy-going attitude was everything that she wished in a husband.

But who would look at Casey the maid twice when she worth nothing at all in the polite society?

Perhaps it was wishful thinking but Casey hoped that someday, Magnus Flemington could be her husband and they said that be careful what you wished for since it will bound to come at you in the way that you will be least expected.


Back in the estate, Magnus was making his way to the library as his hessian boots were clicking on the wooden floor. It was a magnanimous space that filled with tomes and leather-bound books from ceiling to floor.

If only Magnus has time to indulge with all of these during his time here.

But Magnus shook his head, trying to get his head on the plan that he had. He has to find out what was happening to him. Why was he here and not dead? Perhaps it was just one of the myths that he encountered of being transported to another era through the soul.

If his soul was still intact with his body back in his time.

Magnus pulled one tome and flipped through. Then the others as he was making his way around the library. Nothing was making sense to him before he heard someone was galloping across the meadow of the estate. Magnus took a peep at the window and he saw that someone, a gentleman, was riding a black mare to come to his courtyard.

His tall hat and riding habits were new and Magnus knew that he was a man of power, of wealth as much as he was.

"Magnus, your brother finally here," his grandmother was shouting from downstairs. Magnus grimaced as he knew that he was an only child back in his time and in this life that he took from this man, Magnus Flemington, he had to deal with his younger brother.

Magnus has always been wondering what would it be like if he has a brother or a sister back when he was in his time. Would he be so lonely as he was before or would his childhood will be much meaningful?

No more dwelling on that notion, he reminded himself before Magnus straightened his waistcoat and went to meet his younger brother.

Lord James Flemington, Viscount of Kent.

"Brother!" James, with his brown hair and blue eyes, greeted Magnus with such familial love that he did not know what to do. His younger brother hugged him before he was blinking his eyes as he was hugging James back.

"It's so good to see that you're not dying anymore," James said before their grandmother was hissing at him.

"Do not speak to your brother in such manner. It was a miracle that he was healed and patched up. I cannot thank the Lord any more than I should. But we mustn't lose our faith or stray." His grandmother said before she smacked James from behind. He scowled at the old lady as Magnus smiled.

"And where have you been, young brother? I thought you were supposed to be at the academy to finish your education?" Magnus said as if the words were practiced and repeated again and again that his brain knew what to say and what to avoid. James grinned as his blue eyes were shining with mischief.

"Oh you know, here and there. I did try to persuade the professors to give me a good grade but I don't know what will make them persuaded to make me look good when I graduated," James said before he took a grape from the plate that was displayed on the table in front of them.

"You're assuming that you will be graduating. I thought you cannot focus since you are chasing skirts around London," their grandmother chimed in before James choked in his tea.

"Good God! I will not let the ladies be my distraction, Grandmamma. You know father used to hate that I cannot concentrate when ladies were involved," James said before the silence was enveloping the drawing-room.

No one said a word until the old dowager was clearing her throat.

"Yes, your father warned me about that. So, I hope there will be no more problems then?" their grandmother said as she arched her eyebrow at James. The viscount just smiled.

"And I have news to share with you. Surely you can pass it onto William considering that he will not be making it back this weekend," their grandmother said before the butler was rapping at the door.

"Master Will has arrived, my lady," the old butler said before the dowager got up from her seat and moved to the door. Magnus and James followed her as they made it to the parlor before they were standing in the courtyard as a carriage was pulled up. The footman was opening the door and a young lad was coming upfront before his Hessian boots, much like Magnus', hit the ground.

"Well, it looks like my family was there to greet me," the baritone voice was hitting Magnus' eardrum before he was looking at his other brother. The youngest brother of Flemington.

Lord William Flemington, Baron of Bath.

"And you are taking too much time to travel here by carriage, little brother," James said as he was smirking at Will. "And here I thought you want to beat me,"

William just regarded him before he smirked as he was looking at James' riding habits. "If you wish me to be disheveled like you, perhaps I will ride. But then again, you always the messier one between us," Will said before James growled.

"Enough, why can't you play nice even for one second in the same room was beyond my understanding," their grandmother said before Will kissed her cheeks and hugged Magnus.

"I see you've been up and running now," Will said as Magnus shrugged.

"Perhaps I am tired to be bedridden," Magnus replied before Will smirked.

"Come, children, I have exciting news and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Come, let's have some tea in the drawing-room," their grandmother put her hand on the crook of Will's elbow and made her way into the estate. Will followed as James was mumbling underneath his breath as Magnus followed from behind.

News, right. It's about that bloody engagement, Magnus mused, not noting that a pair of stormy eyes were looking at his way from afar.

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