Author's NOTE

First of all, this novel was based on the author's imagination and has no relation to the living or/and the dead. If they are, it was merely a coincidence. The places that appear in the novel were based on the true places that exist in the world, mostly Europe. Sorry if there was some information that might not be true but she did her best to make it lively and vivid to the imagination of the readers.

Second, the author also hopes that the readers will respect the copyright of the story and will not duplicate it in any way, on paper or digitally. If there was, please report to the authority or herself by commenting on the story that was being duplicated, translated into a different language (without permission), post on the social media platform other than her own, and any digital piracy that can occur.

Thirdly, please do not post hate comments because why we fight if you could be proud and help each other out? Build on love and encouragement on each other.

Last but not least, she also hopes that you will love the story and add it to your library.

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