Flemington Family Series Book

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Flemington Family Series


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This is the story of a family in the country named Caga in the Kingdom of Ludonea. There were three brothers with their own stories to tell of how their destinies intertwined with a match that will bring them to their knees. Or maybe to the ground, who knows? But whoever they might be, they have a hell of a story to tell in this classic retellings of fairy tales that you never expected to hear. Heart of Ardor focused on the eldest Flemington; Magnus Flemington with the retelling of George and the Dragon with its own twist! Desire of Flames focused on the second Flemington; James with the retelling of Florence Nightingale with its own twist! Blaze of Heart focused on the youngest Flemington named William with the retelling of Robin Hood with its own twist! You might want to catch up on these retelling for it sets in the new world from your favourite author and sees where these tales might lead your heroes toward their matches.


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