Ch 1 / Flee for Freedom 16.7%

1 The Moon Valley

Nikolai watched the saplings bend in response to the unrelenting wind. The colours of the world washed out in the light of the pale moon. The sickly white grass tickled his legs as he took a quick break in the breeze. His muscles ached as the adrenaline started to wear off, his shoulder weighed down with his blue duffle bag. He pushed on towards the end of the valley. He'd left everything behind, all because of a stupid law.

He could remember sitting in front of the TV sobbing when the headline arose 6 months ago. 'RELIEF FOR ALPHAS EVERYWHERE AS PHEROMONE SURGERY BILL IS PASSED.' That was the day he'd decided to leave. Now, 6 months later, it was the eve of his 18th birthday. He was booked in tomorrow morning for the surgery like every other person whose birthday was the same as his. He pushed on further as he remembered his parents faces that day. As betas they were overjoyed at having an Omega son, even more thrilled at the surgery to make him equal.

They had been part of the generation that had been changed. The disease spread quickly through the world 30 years ago in 2008, changing the DNA of everyone and some even changed physically. It was quick but it changed the socioeconomic status of everyone. Alphas, with the ability to impregnate but not get impregnated, became the leaders of the world. The betas are in the middle with no special qualities. His section, the omegas, are unique in that bothers genders have a uterus, but they also have extreme pheromones supposed to help maximize population growth. He'd fought hard all through school, most omegas were not considered by universities, but he'd already gotten an offer. If he'd just been born an alpha he would have a spot in university from birth.

His sob was a sad sound. He'd never see his family again. As the sun rose above the distant forest he thought of his mother, climbing the rickety old stairs to his room carrying a tray of pancakes for his birthday breakfast. Him leaving would break her heart. Hopefully, she'd understand it wasn't her fault. It was, in theory, no one's fault. He thought about the girl from 2 months ago, she'd run from her surgery. They'd found her 3 days later at the base of a cliff mauled by a beast, the tactical team sent after her not even phased by the horrid sight. That was the day he'd gone to the local library and borrowed over 15 books about survival. He'd compiled it all down into an A5 booklet that he had stashed in his hoodie pocket. He hoped and prayed that he could survive, he'd be running for the rest of his life because of this.

His knees buckled, his body tipping to the side, landing heavily on his bag. He'd been running for 5 hours non stop, crossing rivers, highways and sleepy towns. He'd heaved his dinner onto a street sign two hours back, leaving his body without any nutrients. He'd just rest for a little while.


Alexander groaned as he peered at his phone screen, the text from his boss glaring back at him in rare capitals. Something was desperately wrong, the last time she'd used capitals was when that female omega went missing. His eyes still remembered the sight of her body, skewered by a dead tree with a few parts missing, she was almost unrecognisable.

He carefully read the text: GET HERE NOW!! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!! His boss was a frightening woman when calm, for her to yell meant something bad. He'd been having a wonderful dream when the buzz of his phone had roused him. He glanced at the clock seeing the holographic letters saying it was only just past 6am. It was his day off and he hadn't even gotten to sleep in. He rose from the warmth of his bed, his muscles stretching and joints cracking. His strong hands moved the heavy curtains away to let the warm sun heat up his bare chest.

He gently kicked off his pajama pants, the soft cotton piling around his feet. He let out a gentle yawn, his eyes blurring with tears from the lack of sleep. He'd stayed late last night at the office, trying to clear up paper work so that he could relax on his day off. That plan went out the window as fast as it had started. He had to start a man hunt now. He pulled on his dark jeans that he'd discarded on the floor last night, shoving his feet into his boots as he grabbed a t-shirt from his closet. He burst through his door into the front garden. The cold autumn wind blew against his chest as he unfolded his shirt, pulling it over his head. Rolling straight out of bed was normal for him working for the government. He needed to be available at any time, day or night. His boots crushed the fallen leaves on his lawn as he made his way to his Harley. His father had cared for it and restored it after his birth as a gift for his 18th. He'd been born soon after the change, born an alpha everything was handed to him on a silver platter but he still worked extra hard at his job.

He wished his father was still around, his death something Alexander hadn't grieved. Burying an empty casket last year had kept him skeptical, but then again no bodies were ever found after the fishing boat capsized. His mother had never recovered from it, her depression meaning she was already in a nursing home at the age of 50. He could imagine all the old folks grumbling 'whipper snapper' as he rode by her place on the way to his office. He enjoyed the slight burn of the cold wind against his bare arms, he'd forgotten his jacket in the rush and was very aware of how he'd end up if he crashed.

He pulled into his parking spot, the growl of the engine echoing through the underground parking garage. He turned off the ignition and kicked the stand out as he slid off the leather seat. Removing his helmet he let his platinum blonde hair flow down to his shoulder, taking the white hair tie from his wrist he quickly pulled it into a topknot. His footsteps echoed through the cavernous space as he walked to the elevator, swiping his company ID to access it. He waited as it came all the way down, not waiting for the doors to fully open his slid inside and hit the button for the 10th floor. It was time to find out what had his boss in such a mood.

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