Flawed Enchantress
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Flawed Enchantress


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What is Flawed Enchantress

Flawed Enchantress is a popular web novel written by the author BaeVida, covering ROMANCE, REINCARNATION, MODERN, MAGIC, FEMALE LEAD, POWER, STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST, FLAWED MC, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 64.9K readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 40 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A beautiful and powerful enchantress found a girl who was as ugly and unpleasant to the eyes. Feeling pity for the girl, she sought to heal her scar and make her pretty again. Unknown to her, she was under a curse and the moment she healed her, the girl became extremely beautiful but she became ugly. Panicked and frustrated, she tried healing herself but to no avail. In her desperate and frantic moment, the girl pushed her off the mountain peak where they stood and fell to her death. A thousand years later, she reincarnated. In the modern day, where witches and magic existed but in secret, came a prophecy. A beautiful and powerful enchantress would be reincarnated into the body of the Grand Chief's new born daughter. Being a reverenced being, the Grand Chief was happy that his daughter got the honor. But all was not as it seemed. What would this new life of her's be... Join her as she rise from her failures and set backs to be who she truly was and find the one who cursed her in this new world. -------------- "What is the meaning of this Grand seer? You told me the beautiful Enchantress was going to be reincarnated into my new born daughter. But what I see is a child not worthy of been seen with the eyes." "I don't know what happened, it is as I saw." "Then you saw wrong. She would not be shown to the world, she would live in hiding. I cannot show a flawed daughter, it would ruin my image and standing." ******** "She is just good for nothing. She is flawed in every way possible." "She lacks self control in the highest and extremely curious. Not to talk of, her powers are a joke. She brings disaster anytime she attempts to use magic." "Physically flawed, personality flawed and powers flawed, Enchantress my foot... " Cover page credit goes to Kiiara, follow her on discord @Kiiara#9809 Kindly support this book, vote, comment and leave a review. You can message me on discord @ #BaeVida7167 Join my discord for update and discussion. https://discord.gg/xhyKs2 Thanks.


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Great, interesting storyline. Painful how her good turns against her and plunges her into her demise. Reincarnated to the modern day just to be despised. Good work author. Good luck in the contest.


This novel deserves more than what author than is giving it. Nice plot and storyline. I really want to see when Arian would grow up and be the enchantress she was meant to b


Keep up the Gud work author👍🏻 Nice story line. Interesting plot. Loved how the story began. Dialogues are lively. Hv already added the book. ☺


Nice plot, she is now reincarnating into a modern day world still with her flawed appearance.... Left to continue with what she hates, an appearance not meant for the eyes and everyone looking down at her. Hmm would keep my fingers crossed to where this book would lead. Kudos author.


This book is amazing. I love the plot, a flawed enchantress. Well even being good can be a flaw when it is excessive. Author just needs to keep d flow going and update more, that's why I am not giving a 5 star but really love your plot and writing.


A nice story, love the beginning already. Good plotline, nice synopsis. Writing style is okay, needs a little editing with typos and all but nonetheless, it doesn't spoil the work. Your character design and story development are going quite well. Hehhe, I am itching to know what the Enchantress would be like when she grows. Anyways, goodluck with ur book author.


I must say, nice title n synopsis. From the title I cud deduce that she had a falw, but flawed in what aspect and after reading synopsis, saw she was flawed in more than one way. Nice storyline, some typo errors and not much description of the world background yet, but I know its cause author hasn't dealth with the outside world yet. Anyways nice story author. Keep writing, av added tk my library and voted. 🤗


To start of, I want to point out how intriguing the synopsis and the storyline are. It's easy to be hooked. They're interesting as well. I'm very curious about the curious. I wonder if it could only be cured by passing it to another. Because even in reincarnation, it followed the Enchantress. Compelling premise. The flow of the story's events are decent. The conversations are entertaining. The development of events isn't fast or slow, enough just to spike more anticipation for the next one. Lastly, I have a few constructive criticisms. Mainly one--which is the lack of certain details in this story. For instance, Chapter 1: > I'd like to say that 'beautiful lady' is subjective. Might be better if there's added features about this woman. Her hair is written but what makes her beautiful? Just her hair? What about her eyes? Does she has a small button nose? Plump or thin lips? I say this because describing her adds more allure. It adds to her beauty other than just saying 'stunning' and 'extremely beautiful.' > I understand the young girl has a scar but I can't imagine how it looks. Is it just one long gash from right temple to left cheek? Half of her face? Add a little more detail. > This also applies to the other characters described as 'ugly' 'disgusting' etc... or just an ordinary character. This is something I used to forget myself as a writer so I often point it out now. I hope I was able to explain why it's important in contributing for good writing. For the rest, Since this is a Fantasy story, try to work on world building. I can't picture the kind of culture this setting has. Key features are buildings, physical attributes, clothes... a writer can see these clearly in their head but remember that readers can't see them. They don't have to be all stated but pick the ones that should stand out. I really see this story has potential so I hope it can reach to even greater heights. Good luck and ganbatte!


Hey dear, author here. Yes this is a self review. This book is interesting, if I do say so myself. Flawed MC in beauty, character and powers... Come and have a good read, you won't regret it. Didn't give myself five stars because of stability of updates. Would update more when I get more votes, comments and reviews from my readers. That been said, please support this author, thanks,


I've to say, Author, this is a really nice novel. You've got me hooked on it, tbh and I hope you would continue to update them. Btw, there is no major problem with your writing style or grammatical errors but I hope that you would recheck the first chapters. There were a few minor mistakes but those get overlooked often. Also, please keep on updating. Pickle Out!


Nice and strong storyline 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


A captivating story. The Enchantress had acquired a scar when she healed a girl with a similar scar. For her pains, the girl rewards her by pushing her over the cliff to her death. She is reborn as Jade, in a modern setting. She carries the same scar on her face and it mars her beautiful face. Her father is not happy to see her flawed appearance. Her mother's health is declining. She loves her flawed daughter Jade and tries everything to fix her face. The writing quality is good, story is developing nicely. The character design is good and so is the world background. It is difficult to say much about the stability of updates as only 8 chapters have been published. But from the look of the chapters this will be even better. All the best!


This is a promising story. I can’t say much for now bcos there r only few chapters. But so far, the story has successfully captured me as a reader. The author really know how to stir my emotion. The characters r going great and so does the plot. However, I do want a clear description of the world as the setting. I’m not sure when and where the story is happening. So do clarify that. Beside that, I think this book is great! It’s worth ur time and story only gets interesting as the chapter goes. SO READ IT FELLAS!! ❤️


That was really intriguing to read. An interesting plot story, a solid background story, a set of characters to get to know and love, your writing style is neat and cute, and the story pacing is quite right. Not too slow nor too fast. Great job on that. *Pats* Tho, you need to work on some grammatical errors, mostly the punctuations. I did get distracted by them from time to time, but it's not major enough to distract me in reading the story as whole. With practice, you'll do well in improving. Anyhow, I hope the best for you in the contest. Your novel is quite promising after all.


Reveal spoiler


1st chapter and a grotesque curse runs down your spine, and that's the endearing charm!🔥 Obviously 5 for me. The writing style is also beyond authentic, Characterization is peculiarly thrilling and not to mention the suspense within is truly one with the top-tiers!♥ (Hope it will continue on the next updates) We hope for the fruition of this promising story and for it to keep gaining momentum in its journey to the top of the ongoing wpc!😁 God bless author-chan!


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