Flavoured: A sextet in six acts Book

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Flavoured: A sextet in six acts


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"Wait, you want me.... To join you guys?" "Yes, I believe that's what we're saying Nilla" "But.... But there's already five of you! Isn't that enough?" "Five is enough, but six just seems.... Perfect" * Once upon a time, in a lady's manor far far away, she wished to be surrounded by the sweetest things in life, and though she was very much aware that nothing about life itself was sweet, but she was sure she would not back down on her wish. From the rawest form of spice and ingredients, she would like to introduce you to Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel and Cream. And the newest member of the house, Vanilla. Warning: This is a polyamorous relationship book, and there would be alot of cussing and smut scenes, oh and Lgbt characters too.


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