Flash Marriage With Perfect Result Book

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Flash Marriage With Perfect Result


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One day the demon king sent his son and wife back to Nerline city to fulfill his promise when he wanted to marry Bella, who is a very beautiful and beautiful Nerline flower. When Prince Austin arrives in front of his grandparents' house, everyone is scared and nervous because of the rumors circulating about Prince Austin being the second son of the Demon King having a bad face, fangs and scary horns. After living for a long time in the dormitory built by his grandfather, Prince Austin was involved in a conflict with a female student named Lisya. Angel or devil, Lisya couldn't tell the difference between the two which she deserved to attach to the figure of Prince Austin who was willing to redeem her from a debt collector. Prince Austin bravely reveals himself to marry Lizya without the Demon Lord's knowledge. Prince Austin urged his grandfather and mother to bless the marriage in order to save Lisya. To Lisya, Prince Austin was a dashing and charming noble figure, he came like a knight without a horse. After marriage, circumstances forced them to separate, leaving behind crazy hatred and longing for the husband who disappeared when. "It is very important to remove weeds so that fine grass and beautiful flowers will grow well in the Royal garden". Part Two. "I never dreamed of becoming a princess, but being with you makes me like a queen". Eight years later, he returns with his best of charm to make up for eight years of longing and force him to live together again. For girls who were not of royal blood, they were only considered weeds and had to be removed repeatedly. The kingdom is shrouded in dark clouds with enemies that are difficult to find as they gather among family, friends. Prince Austin must be able to find them if he is to live a comfortable and happy life. The struggle for the throne is never separated from those who are greedy for power so that they ignore the existing rules. Prince Austin couldn't just let his entire dynasty fall apart, because the image of pain manipulated him so that fear became a weakness that made him unable to think well. Letting Lisya stay by his side was a sign of danger, but he believed things would go his way and it just took effort and faith. Could it be that Prince Austin was able to reunite his dynasty and bring back Lisya in peace, or things would get worse? Instagram: azzahra_tina


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