1 The night

It was very dark night , stars were twinkling on the sky , trees were making noise beacause of the air and everything was stopped.

They were five students of the xh. school and in school they talked about going on camping .

Ronnie was 16 year old, shally 17 year old , gigi 18 years old , smith 18 years old and samantha 17 years old .

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They were walking in the jungle , it was 1 am when the headed towards the jungle.

Everyone was mute because of the dark path.

They made 3 tent on a big ground and ignited bonfire .

They were clapping and singing a song then they saw a twinkling thing behind the tree.

They saw that thing and went there . They saw it was a scroll and something was written on it.

" what is this " - smith told

" i don't know "- ronnie said

They couldn't understand what was that but ronnie took that scroll and went to near bonfire . Ronnie tried to read that scroll , it was written in english alphabets but they couldn't understand anything.

" it is nothing"- ronnie said and took that scroll in his bag..