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five people, five stories



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in this mix of horror and drama five stories are told that are connected by the same high school and town. Robert, a teenager with abusive parents that starts getting telekentic powers after an encounter with a mysterious asteriod. Kyle, a teenager who lives with his older brother, a story about there rocky relationship as siblings after there parents death. Karen, a 30 year old schoolteacher with terrifying memories of an abusive father. We follow her past as a child and teen and the future as an adult. As she starts getting errie messages from someone who says there stalking her. And Allison, a teenage girl who starts having blackouts, when she wakes up from these blackouts something is always dead. As they stories connect by the school and town and soon becoming more and more intertwined we start leading towards a brutal climax for the characters. A wraparound story told through short interludes and a prolouge and epilouge about a young man named James finding a novel his father wrote through several notebooks in a cardboard box. The wraparound story is James reading this story and his memories with his now dead father.

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