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Five Nights At Freddy's: The Hidden Souls


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Volume #1: In 1976, William Afton has taken a new job position as a technician for Circus Baby World, a sister company for the popular chain corporation, Fazbear Entertainment. He doesn't think his job will be too difficult at first: he just has to make sure the animatronics are working in order. These animatronics, however, have much more to them than meets the eye. As the week goes on, William discovers these animatronics are surprisingly hostile, and hold a deadly secret...and someone behind the scenes is determined to do whatever it will take to keep William's mouth shut. Volume #2: It’s been seven years since William Afton first took a job as a technician at Circus Baby World, and since then, he has moved on. He’s married, he is a father now, and he is the head technician for Fredbear’s Family Diner, a restaurant chain owned by the same company that owns Circus Baby World. He and his new boss, Henry Emily, are hoping to open a much larger and more successful establishment in the meantime. Everything is going fairly well for him right now. But when an unexpected and tragic accident occurs, his life will take a dramatic turn..and his son Michael is starting to have strange nightmares, seeing his favorite animatronic characters come to life in the most horrific way possible. Meanwhile, a scientist working for the government begins his twisted paranormal experiments. What he discovers is much more dangerous than he imagined... This work was inspired by the horror indie game series "Five Nights at Freddy's". Events in this story will be different than that of the game canon. I do not own the rights to the FNAF franchise. All rights reserved to its owners.


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