1 1: The Dragon Fruit!

The hot summer sun shone brightly over a large and bustling city, the clear azure sky was like a huge blue gem as it was empty of any clouds, many white-collar workers could be seen sweating as they walked along a concrete sidewalk as if they were brainless zombies, no one even dared to talk.

Even though the weather was not favorable, there were many people still outside which made the city very lively..

"F*ck, why am I so broke" xiao Chen cursed in his mind as he thought about his current lifestyle, he was a kid when he had lost both his parents due to an accident.

He would work peculiar jobs everyday just to be able to get food to live, the money left by his parents was only enough for his apartment bills, even so he lived in a run-down apartment where everyone who lived in there were weirdos or people with no life.

Xiao Chen's peculiar jobs consisted of, scrubbing the backs of old men, cutting toes, cleaning sewers, and a lot of things no human would want to do.

Even so there was nothing he could do, his life had already taken a turn for the worse, his paternal family members and maternal family members didn't even bother to help him, xiao Chen could still vaguely remember the days when he cried endlessly on his bed..

Despite all his troubles he managed to find a way to live, even with all the obstacles that he faced in his life..

If he had another chance he would definitely protect his parents no matter what.



Xiao Chen wiped the small beads of sweat off his forehead and continued walking, he was so hungry that he would eat anything, literally!

He was currently walking towards his apartment which he had lived in for many years, he knew the area like the back on his hand, the only down side was that this area was a nice target for robbery, so xiao Chen liked to stay out in the open public for safety..

He carelessly stepped into a muddy puddle of water and continued walking, his dirty sneakers were like a huge piece of dirt as he walked, his messy but long hair also blew softly in the wind as a slight breeze past by..


Xiao Chen impatiently took out a dirty key from his front pocket and fiercely opened the door, if the door was alive he would definitely fight all out with it to release his frustration..

"I really hate this world" xiao Chen sighed once again, he was a huge fan of xianxia and wuxia Web novels and always found those fantasy worlds more interesting, if he could give up his life to be in a world like that then he wouldn't even think twice..

Even the dangers of such world didn't matter to him, he only wanted a great adventure..

"F*ck, I'll go to the world of immortals even if I have to become a worm or a fish" xiao Chen said with anger, his parents always told him to be careful what he wished for as a child,but he could care less, even if he would become a plankton, as long as he could cultivate he would be happy..

Not many Xianxia fans would have such an unwavering mindset like him, xiao Chen always had a dream to become a strong cultivator that ruled over his own sect or organization, even though he knew it would never happen, his imagination would run wild daily, the only place he loved the most was the dreamland, where he could travel anywhere without fear of death..


Xiao Chen fell onto his bed, he was totally beat today, he didn't even feel like pulling out his phone to read web novels right now, he just wanted to take a long nap, his small room didn't even have air conditioning so he was still sweating in his bed.

"What is that?" Xiao Chen tiredly wiped the sweat off his forehead as he looked towards his side, there was a small white plate next to his bedside lamp, the thing that caught his eyes was the blood red fruit on the plate, there were small blue spots on the fruit..

Xiao chen hastily swiped the fruit off the plate and looked at it with drool in his mouth, he didn't even care about the origins of the fruit, for some reason he felt a strange connection to the fruit, as if it was telling him to eat it.

"I'm so hungry that I'm losing my mind" xiao Chen laughed bitterly as he stared at the fruit.

He hastily started tearing up the fruit like some type of monster and devoured it..

He let out a light burp, he was shocked that such a small fruit was able to make him almost full..

Xiao Chen then sat up and pulled out his android phone, he was finally in the mood to read web-novels..


After a few long hours of reading he let out a satisfied laugh and fell asleep, deep down he still felt like crying, never did he expect he would live a life like this..

Xiao Chen closes his eyes, trying his hardest to sleep and ignoring the scorching heat in his apartment room..


Host found!!!

System starting up!!






Celestial heavens system is now bound to the host] a mechanical voice was heard in xiao Chen's head.

A strange scene happened next, a huge black hole appeared right above xiao Chen and lifted him off into it, xiao Chen was still sleeping soundly even while his whole room was in chaos..

[transporting host to the mortal world of cultivation] the mechanical voice was heard once again before xiao Chen disappeared, only god knew where he was going..

The black hole slowly closed up as lightning sparks flashed inside, the aura released from the black hole was tremendous as it nearly engulfed the whole room..

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