1 chapter 1: job isn't worth it

bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzzz ,the phone alarm seems to put him on the spot , tossing around in the bed , is our mc who has an interview in an hour . in the cold AC filled room , colder than the Antarctic , forming a ball inside the thick white blankets , trying to protect himself from the harsh world beyond his blanket , he tries to use his non-existing telekinesis to turn off the alarm . "please turn off" he uses his mind power , but to his surprise his non-existing telekinesis seems to not work on the alarm demon on the table which is 20 cm away which he could easily reach with his hand . but alas , no he can't , to defeat that monster he has to come out to the harsh weather , the ice , the darkness , it is too hard , how can he , a mere 21 year old with motivation and memory of a goldfish be able to fight . nooooooooooooo... only way is to wait for the demon to go back to sleep. i shall wait he says .after 5 horrifying minutes the alarm stops .

peace ,finally , our mc seems to enjoy his extra 15 minutes of sleep . sleeping like a baby, with his ass popping up , our bare naked mc is now faced with level 2 demon . bxzzzzzzz bzxxxxx zzzzzzb , the alarm sound has become louder , it is harsher , it seems to be coming from the table across the room . the past him knew, the first alarm is not going to work , so he had placed another one, far away . the interview he has is important , if he doesn't go , his only chance of making money will go into dumpsters . he will become the disappointment of the family again . all the bullshitting he did to his parents will bite him in his back , he who lives away in a different country away from parents , with his rent due in the following week , with nothing but expired bread, and ramen in his house, he will be kicked out , starving if he doesn't go to this interview .

is it worth it? is my life that important ? is living on the streets that bad? maybe starving for a week or two isn't that hard? after all human lives are just miserable, not knowing what comes , living everyday as a robot, with no happiness, we all shall die one day , so why a job, ? why shouldn't I fall into deep beautiful slumber, who knows maybe I'll be the sleeping beauty of the 21st century and a handsome young rich man will kiss me awake , and take me as his partner for life . and i shall live a happy, jobless life with him . why not? i mean , that's a perfect plan to me .

deeply satisfied with his own thoughts, our mc has again decided to sleep , throwing away his future for 15 more minutes of sleep

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