1 Introduction of "The Jones Family"

*The Jones-

The Jones family is one of the topmost and richest business families in Britain who owns 'The Jones Groups Of Industries' which is one of the largest business empires in Britain.

*Alora Jones-

Alora Jones is a lovely girl with fair white skin and a pair of beautiful dark brown eyes the same as her mother that looks black in the first encounter if someone doesn't notice them properly with thick long lashes and dark brown eyebrows. And also her thin straight high nose and pinkish-red lips make her look prettier. She has long medium-brown hair which is a combination of her parents' hair colour and a slender frame but not stick thin like a skeleton. She is 5'5" taller with a slim perfect body which is desired by every girl. At the same time, she has a strong and graceful rich aura excluded from her body making her shine like a star in the sea of people is something that can't be hidden. In one word Alora is such a beauty that anyone can get attracted to and any boy can fall in love with her at first sight. She is someone who spreads happiness among the people around her like fragrance spreading flowers. Everyone says that she is someone who exactly reflects her name. Because Alora means Dream or Vision, in one word a beautiful dream or visionary is called Alora. And in real as a person, Alora is beautiful from both inside and outside like a beautiful dream or visionary. Everyone says that without her gender and eyes her behaviour, her looks, her attitudes and almost everything of her resembles her father. And there is no doubt that Alora has taken after her father. She is the only child of their parents. But Alora lives with her granny in Britain as her parents don't live with her. Although her granny is the only family member living together with her. But they are not alone at their house as there are plenty of caretakers and maidservants to take care of them and she is happy to live with her granny as she has a lot of people, friends, and teachers who love to take care of her by being with her always. She is soon to be 15 years old and there are only one and a half months left for her birthday.

*Henry Jones & Princey Parker Jones-

Henry Jones is Alora's father, the eldest son of The Jones family. He is a gentle and wise man with a kind attitude towards everyone. He is a middle-aged man but at the first encounter, it's hard to guess his age by looking at him as he looks more younger than his age. He has a pair of blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He has a well-maintained beard that he cares about a lot. He is 6' taller with a strong body. He is a man of strong mentality and physic.

And Princey Parker Jones is Alora's mother, the eldest daughter of The Parker family which is one more renowned business family in Britain. She is a kind woman with a gentle attitude towards everyone. She is a middle-aged lady who has a strong mentality. But it was hard to figure out her age because of her graceful and beautiful appearance. She is 5'6'' taller with a strong physical body. She has a pair of beautiful dark brown eyes and brown hair with medium length not so long or not so short. She is someone with a smile like an angel and she always makes a graceful and warm atmosphere around her with her angelic aura excluded from her body.

As both Jones and Parkers were not only business partners but also best friends both her mother and father grew up together and were childhood sweethearts. And they got married after completing their studies while pursuing their dreams.

But in spite of having such a large business empire of their own, her parents chose to work in different professions, and they are always busy with their careers. So, both of them are living in two different countries.

Princey Jones is a nurse who lives in Italy. As a mother, she loves Alora a lot but at the same time as an independent woman, she loves her career more. So, as a result, she can't make enough time to spend with Alora. and her mother moved out to another country when she was only 3 years old due to works.

Henry Jones is an engineer who lives in Australia. Likes her mother he also loves her a lot but he also loves his work a lot that he also doesn't have time for Alora like her mother. Her father moved out to another country when she was only 2 years old.

According to them as long as they can provide Alora whatever she wants and fulfil her every wish is called parents love. For them, they think that showering Alora with money and fulfilling her wishes no matter how much money that cost is something which can make Alora happy. But in reality, all Alora wants is their time and love to make her happy not their money.

*Mariam Mathew Jones-

Mariam Mathew Jones is Alora's granny and the first daughter of the Mathew family which is another renowned family in Britain. She is a strong and powerful business lady with down to earth personality. She is a kind and gentle lady of her early sixties. She is 5'5" taller with a pair of blue eyes and grey hair due to her age of medium length which she always likes to keep as a bun. She has a powerful and strong rich and business aura excluded from her. She is someone who can easily make everyone know her presence by her graceful and beautiful ladylike behaviour. Since Alora's parents left the country she takes care of her by being her mother as well as her father. And also she is handling the business of The Jones Group in Britain with others while taking care of Alora.

*Edward Jones-

Edward Jones is Alora's grandpa and the only son of Gorge Jones (Alora's great-grandpa). Edward Jones is a well-renowned businessman in Britain who owns The Jones Group. He is known by all as a kind and gentle man in spite of being such a big figure. He loves Alora a lot even though he could spend a little time with her. Now he along with Alora's uncle Martin Jones lives in Italy to expand their business in Italy. He is a man of his late sixties with a gentle and kind appearance and a strong mentality along with a healthy body. He has a pair of blue eyes and his both hair and beard were grey due to his age. He is 6'1'' taller with a strong and powerful rich aura.

*Martin Jones-

Martin Jones is Alora's uncle and the youngest son of the Jones family. As Alora's father didn't join their family business Martin Jones got to help his father in the business as the second son of the family. He is a man of his middle age and has blonde hair with a pair of blue eyes. It's hard to judge his age with his appearance as he looks like someone in his early thirties. He is 5'11" taller with a strong and healthy texture. He is the owner of a strong mentality along with a kind heart. He wears glasses due to his weak eyesight. He has a strong and powerful business aura excluded from him. Because of the busyness in his life, he never got married and had kids. So, he loves Alora a lot and regards her as his daughter. He is now living with his father in Italy due to business.

*Merry Jones Whitlock-

Merry Jones Whitlock is Alora's aunt and the only daughter of the Jones family and also the only sister of her father and was married into the Whitlock family. She is a woman of the middle age who has medium length dark blonde hair with a pair of blue eyes that the whole Jones family has. But it is hard to guess her age as she looks younger than her age. She is a graceful lady with a beautiful face as well as a strong and healthy body. She is 5'6'' taller and she is a wise and smart person with a strong mentality. She has an angelic smile and can easily calm and warm the atmosphere around her. She is an independent woman with a graceful and powerful strong rich aura. She loves Alora like her daughter and Alora also addressed her as Mama. Merry Jones Whitlock is a lovely woman with a kind heart and also she loves the kids a lot. But it's such an unfortunate that she doesn't have a child of her own as she can't be a mother because of having three miscarriages due to some serious accidents. But whenever she meets Alora she never feels the lack of her child because she takes her as her daughter.

*Johnathan Whitlock-

Johnathan Whitlock is the husband of Merry Jones Whitlock and Alora's uncle. He is the only son of the Whitlock family which is also renowned in Britain. he is a well-renowned businessman and a business partner of Alora's grandpa. Both Merry and Johnathan met first while working on a project and then fell in love with each other. Then they got married after dating each other for a long time with the blessings of everyone. He is 5'11'' taller with a strong and healthy physical body. He has a pair of brown eyes with black hair. He is a man of his middle age and has a strong and powerful rich business aura. He is a smart, intelligent and wise person with a powerful and strong personality. He is also a kind-hearted person who likes to live a simple and ordinary life in spite of being a well-known figure. As he and Merry don't have a child of their own he always treats Alora as their daughter and has a wish to adopt her as their daughter legally even though it isn't possible.

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