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Author: DaoistJxpd6T
Romansa Anak Muda
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What is First & Last

Read ‘First & Last’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistJxpd6T, This book is a Romansa Anak Muda Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Sebuah romansa klise yang semua orang pernah mengalaminya saat duduk dibangku SMA. Tapi apakah semua orang tau bahwa sej...


Sebuah romansa klise yang semua orang pernah mengalaminya saat duduk dibangku SMA. Tapi apakah semua orang tau bahwa sejatinya cinta pertama, merupakan cinta yang akan melekat selamanya di hati seseorang? Cerita pendek ini merupakan cerita 2 insan yang sama-sama memiliki keinginan dan cita-cita yang tinggi, namun tanpa mereka berdua sadari, keinginan dan cita-cita yang mereka tuju itu menimbulkan rasa diantara kedua insan ini.

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Hello everyone, I am the narrator, we are going to embark on a journey together; first of all we are going to describe the world where our stories will take place; but for that you must know a key word of our universe. Plasma.... A substance that for many only represents about 50% of the composition of the blood in our bodies, but here in Xibalba it represents... everything. There are 4 different types of Plasma with which any living being can be born and from this, if you are blessed, you can become an incomparable existence in the world but if you are cursed you can lose your humanity. Depending on the Plasma with which you are born you could develop certain abilities that allow you to manifest certain skills, the division is: Physical or Body Plasma: It allows you to change certain properties of your body, either form, composition or both but all this happens inside your body or on the surface. Who knows, you could be born with an intelligence never seen before... Or be able to transform into a dragon or maybe your only ability is to grow your toenails. Energy Plasma: Allows you to interact, control and even create certain forms of energy, so to speak is magic but at the same time is not limited by spells (Or maybe yes). You could control the 5 elements, you could manage some space-time or maybe you can just make your body glow in the dark. Organic Plasma: This is a special type of plasma that allows you to interact and influence other living entities. Maybe you can summon the dead, you could be a natural born beast tamer. merge with a dragon? Piece of cake.... if you are born with the ability. Otherwise you might only be able to talk to flies. Mutant Plasma: A certain type of plasma with mysterious properties, many of Xibalba's most legendary existences have this type of plasma... Will it be as incredible as the stories tell? Let's find out together. Did you think that's all? It's not that simple my friend, remember that all living beings in the world have plasma... Rare plants? nightmarish creatures? endless wars for incredible treasures? When they say imagination is the limit they surely mean our adventure. Did you think that's all? Since the living entities of our world will be so strong.... Why not give them a big and challenging enough world? Danger zones with impossible and extreme climates? Done heavenly minerals, natural wonders you've only seen in your dreams, unexplored areas so dangerous that no one knows what's inside? Done. Hidden dimensions and passages to other worlds? Done. References to mythologies, legends and ancient tales? Done

Salgado_R_Axel · Fantasy
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