1 Chapter [01]

I stared at the picture of Aanu with her new boy toy- I tsked, putting my phone away as I arrived at my locker.  I pulled out the paper I got from the office earlier, turning the lock to the right then left- I tried to pull it open but nothing.  I refreshed the code and tried a few more times again until I groaned in frustration.


I turn around, seeing a ball come straight at me, and before I could react- a girl steps in front of me and clutches the ball in her arms.  "Woah! Watch out there, J!" She barks at the guy as he whines over to her- "Come on, Smiley, you saved the day!" The guy said as she rolled her eyes, smacking the ball against his chest- "I won't be here to save you all the time." She mentions as he nods, "I know." "Now get to class; it's starting soon." She pushes him down the hall and glances at me.  "You ok?" I hadn't realized, but I was practically gawking over her.  "Yeah, of course! Thank you!" I blurted quickly as she smiled; she seemed a bit confused and touched my collar- giving a big curious smile.

"You're new-"

I nod, "Do you need help with anything?" She asks as I knock on my locker- "Can you help me open my locker?" I felt embarrassed to ask, but she seemed so excited to help.  "Can I see your combination- if I'm allowed?" She was so polite that I just put the paper in her palm- she chuckled and proceeded to the locker.  "So watch my fingers, ok?" She said as I nodded, she turned the lock and opened my locker.  "Hey, thank you-" She closed the locker, "Huh?" I asked as she passed me the paper.  "Now, you try. You need to learn to do it yourself, and I just showed you." She explained, and I nodded, trying a few times until I got it right.

"Thank you!" I blushed as she nodded, "No problem- Now I should get going. See you." She turned around, walking down the hall.  Quickly I stuffed some things away and followed after her.  "Hey, I never got your name."

I blurted out as she noticed me, "Call me, Smiley." She said as I nodded, "You?" She pointed to me, "Call me, Ad." She nodded with a delightful grin, "Alright, Ad." She nodded.  "If you ever need help around the school again, just ask for Smiley in the front office." She pointed at the yellow sash on her arm, which was for mentors only- student guides who help others around school.  "I'll definitely keep that in mind." I bobbed my head in excitement, "Glad to hear-" She paused, going upstairs.  "Adios, Ad. Hope to see you again." She winked as I nodded, "Bye."

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