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First Glance


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/Intro/ I fell in love with her smile because it was odd- her words were sweet, but she looked strange. Her smile would unwind once she was alone, her eyes narrowed in tiredness, her legs looked weak, her arms almost dropping her books, and her stomach growling out of hunger, but- around others, she played the part of a hero with a smile. She saved many, helped others, defended herself, and took care of everyone, no matter what. She acted one way but was another- everyone saw her as a perfect doll, but I only saw a broken girl giving a smile for everyone because it brightened their days- her smile made them happy, and it made her happy too. He wasn't like regular people; he didn't push me aside- he kept me close. He wanted to hear me, see the real me, and that scared me. He was able to tell the truth, see what others didn't, fight for what he wanted or knew what was right, no matter what I did- he always saw the happiness... why was he ok with being rejected? Why was he ok with pushing me over the finish line? Why was he ok with losing? Why was he ok with anything I said? Why was he ok with me yelling at him? Why was he ok with me? Why did he want me? *First Glance* {|Warning: This story contains tough topics of suicide, abuse, mental illnesses, self-harm, s*xual talk, misleading ideas of romance, lgbtq, alcohol, drugs/overdosing, rape, trauma, etc. If you have a tough time with these topics- please stray away from this book. Rated PG +13.|} Extra Information: I did not create the graphic used for this story- my best friend made it, @dani_tales4u designed it. (Check her out on Wattpad because she is a really good writer!:) *Sorry I can't link her profile- It won't let me.*


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