1 Prologue

When Wex opened his eyes he saw branches and leaves above him. He had a bad headache and it seemed like his dizziness caused some sort of tunnel vision. He tried to stand up. His body seemed unusually heavy. He tried scratching his head.


The sound of metal hitting metal drove every last bit of sleepiness out of Wex. When he regained his senses, Wex looked at himself. His whole body was covered in some sort of armor. He fumbled around with the helmet until he found a way to remove it.

Wex pulled the helmet off his head and removed the mask in front of his face. The helmet and the mask were dark grey and made from metal. The mask also had a leather padding, making it rather comfortable to wear.

Wex noticed a backpack on his back. He put it down. Hanging from the side was a flamethrower that was connected to the metal backpack with a thick hose. He took it in his hands. A notification popped up on the computer screen on his left forearm.

{You have acquired: SF-20 Heavy Flamethrower}

He then remembered something about something similar to the notification he received. "Abilities"

A text window appeared on the screen. This one was bigger than the one earlier.


Class: [Soldier]

Sub-class: [Super Soldier]


Strength: [50] [-40%: Exhaustion]

Agility: [45] [-50%: Exhaustion]

Intelligence: [65]

Charisma: [30] [-60%: Armor]

Endurance: [50]}

Wex looked at the window and checked his abilities and capabilities. It looked mostly the same as it did the last time he could remember. "Status" Wex opened a new window.


Name: Wex

HP: [500/500]

Stamina: [11/750]

Level: [1]}

This window was much smaller than the previous ones so Wex placed it in the upper left corner of his screen. "Inventory"



K22 Combat Knife

SF-20 Heavy Flamethrower


L-22 Defender [Defense: 1000]

[Poison Gas Immunity] [Fire Resistance]

[Space Compression Backpack]


500 liter gasoline}

Wex nodded. Everything was like it was supposed to be. But then he noticed that his stamina was down. Why was that? Well, doesn't matter. Wex put the mask, helmet and backpack on and put the flamethrower back on the backpack.

He looked around. This forest wasn't actually a forest. It was more like a small group of trees. Then suddenly his surroundings started to flicker and the trees, the grass and the stones disappeared. What remained was a clean room with white walls and grey tread plate as the floor. In front of Wex was a white metal door. He approached the door.

The door opened automatically once Wex was only a meter away. Wex stepped through the door and was greeted by a man in a white lab coat who was significantly shorter than Wex.

"Good morning Wex." The man in the lab coat spoke. "I can see you found everything we have prepared for you. Please don't be confused. We assumed it would be better for you to wake up in a forest instead of a sterile room."

Wex was still slightly confused. He removed his mask. "Good morning." He looked around. "What is this place?" Wex looked at the other man. "And who are you?"

The man chuckled. "Right I didn't introduce myself. Excuse me. You can call me Rupert. I'm a dwarf. Welcome to your new life."

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