Fireside Romance Book 1: First Flames Book

novel - LGBT+

Fireside Romance Book 1: First Flames

Drew Hunt

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A gentle, cosy, and touching romance set in mid-1980's Yorkshire.<br><br>Simon Peters knows he’s Mr. Average. He works at the local library during the day and goes home to his modest and lonely house at night.<br><br>Mark Smith was kicked out of home by his drunken father for being gay. Buying a bus ticket, he travels as far as his meagre savings allow. He’s taken in by Jake, but soon realises the man’s darker, criminal side. Trapped, Mark is forced to work the streets.<br><br>One evening, when the loneliness becomes overwhelming, Simon gathers up his courage and goes to the red light district of the town to buy a little human companionship.<br><br>As the weeks pass and the weather turns colder outside, both Simon and Mark find warmth and friendship indoors.<br><br>When an explosion kills Jake and injures Mark, Simon has to make a decision. Can he offer Mark shelter and nurse him back to health without revealing his true feelings for the man?