Fire Lord Sofie

Author: PurpleSpring
Fantasy Romance
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What is Fire Lord Sofie

Read ‘Fire Lord Sofie’ Online for Free, written by the author PurpleSpring, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Sofie lived in a little village on a island called the scorching sun island , she grew up admiring her kind and beautifu...


Sofie lived in a little village on a island called the scorching sun island , she grew up admiring her kind and beautiful big sister, who was also a strong and talented cultivator. Five years passed since her big sister entered the scorching sun sect and Sofie had not seen her a lot over the years. Seeing the same sect as her sister visit her village to recruit new disciples. Sofie took this chance to join the sect, thus beginning her journey on the path of culti- fluffiness. Sofie will cuddle all the fluffy things that get in her way. Be it demon beast or legendary monsters. None shall escape. A more light take on the cultivation world so far. (Honestly just wanted more fluff than fighting all the time... Mostly slice of life at the moment) ### Release rate: no release rate for now, should get one soon :d I have a new style of writing from chapter 45 and onward. Personally think it is better and hope others do as well :) ### Goal: Being able to have a stable release :p Posting this story on moonquill as well.

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quite well done so far and entertaining to read. I sometimes have to remind myself that Sofie is a 10-year-old shut-in when she does something dumb or doesn't know something basic but the only real complaint is the complete space out a lot of the characters do.


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