Fire Immortal Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Fire Immortal


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Countless years have passed since the inception of the Dao and the myriad worlds have given birth to billions upon billions of lifeforms have sought out their own "Truth". Confucianism preached a tranquility between oneself and others, the Golden Rule as well as the perpetual fluctuations between Yin and Yang. Taoism sought out "The Way", a metaphysical force which encompasses all of creation, binding and releasing things that go with the Way. Buddhism desired to understand the nature of suffering, and the cessation of suffering in order to achieve Nirvana. The school of Yin-Yang created the law of Five-Elements as well as the complimentary nature of yin and yang. Taiji wanted to reach the "Supreme Ultimate", the movement of yang and the tranquility of yin. However with the progression of the Dao and the ceaseless natural evolution of the myriad worlds, as well as the myriad races that reside within them, the Dao has been forgotten, and the path to the "Truth" lost. A rainbow meteor shower glistens in the night sky and a young man looks up and his fate changed. The path is now clear.