Fire Emblem: Warlord of Elibe (Oneshot) Book

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Fire Emblem: Warlord of Elibe (Oneshot)


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Not so distant future game have evolved along with everything else. The main character had to give them up to his mental health. He started having dreams of a game that he played back on the Gameboy Advance. Fire Emblem. Countless visions of himself growing up as a nobleman. Getting mistreated and plotted against as a child he has had enough. He took the advice of his doctor. Doctor recommend he quit cold turkey anything fantasy based. She encouraged him to become active in sports again. With her help, he was able to relax once again. This all changed when a nightmare started to happen of a Dark voice calling in his dreams. "Brother I have found you. I will help you soon." What if it isn't a dream? What if he is being experimented on?