11 Whoops! Do I Keep Him Now?

[Morgan POV]

Now that I think about it, I probably scared this poor guy. I told this man my life story because I wanted to share how much I have suffered and brag about how much I've overcome. The only part I lied about are the details relating to my master. So for the most part, I told the man most of the truth. My first life was kind of sad, but it could've been worse. I just hope the second one doesn't continue to be depressing, it would suck to have two sad lives.

I know it's depressing because Clara is still trying to convince me to turn my life into a musical. So far the first act, the early life is kind of a mood killer. For some reason, Clara is convinced that the rest of my life will be a work of art. Really, I just think she is trying to immortalize herself because technically she contributed a lot to my life. She is the one keeping me sane after all.

~That's right, acknowledge my accomplishments.~

Shut up.

As for how Hassar looks, he is either tall or I am really small. I haven't ran into another kid yet, so I don't have a base to compare myself to. He is also dressed like a Mongolian nomad, I think. There are some slight differences from what I remember about the traditional Mongolian deel, but it's close enough. I was always a fan of history, and I loved reading about the feats of conquerors. Naturally, I became a fan of the great Chinggis Khan, so much so that I decided to learn a little more about Mongolians to see how his rise to power happened.

I'm getting distracted, let me get back to what I found interesting about my travel partner. What I found most interesting about his appearance was his hair and eye color. He has green hair and grey eyes. I never saw anybody like him in my previous life, well maybe the eyes because of my one friend. The shade of green reminds me of a forest, and for some reason, seeing someone with that kind of hair color doesn't look odd.

I know wolves can have grey eyes, because one of the wolves that attacked me in the past had the same color eyes. I only said the wolf comment because I happen to look at his eyes at that moment. I had a flashback to that time I fought to the death with that grey-eyed wolf, asshole thought he could get me without bringing his backup. Joke's on him, I'm still alive and I have his skull.

~Are you sure you can trust this man? He thinks you are crazy, he probably can't wait to get rid of you.~

"Shut up Clara, stop being so negative."

"Who are you talking to?"

"I'm telling Clara to shut up, she is being negative. She says you want to get rid of me, you aren't that heartless, right? "

"Of course not, I just want to get you to the city safely."

I'm glad I ran into someone nice. If he does want to kill me, I have confidence in my ability to either kill him or run away. I still have my jar of poison, I could chuck it at him and possibly melt his face. I also have my knife and magic, while he has a bow and sword, in a straight-up fight, I'm dead. So I have to rely on guerilla tactics to even stand a chance, it's a good thing that it is my preferred way of fighting right now.

I think my knife is still coated in poison from last time. Just to make sure the guy killed was dead for real, I stabbed him a couple of times before I dumped his body in the river. It was Clara's idea, I thought it was a good one. She might be mean, but she has some great ideas.


[Hassar POV]

The skull knows too much. No, I'm slowly getting pulled into Morgan's mad world. This boy is very tricky to be around. I, like most Sacaen men, am a man of a few words. This is a bad thing in this case.

If I talk to him he starts to say heartbreaking things, if I ignore him for too much time he starts to think. When he thinks the skull starts to talk to him, he becomes smarter and more aware after he talks to it. The only thing that stays the same is his ability to say things that make me question my life.

He doesn't try to talk to me either, he is happy with the silence between us. I asked him why he doesn't talk. He simply said that having a living person near him makes him happy and makes him feel more normal. I also think it is because he is constantly talking to that skull, I can tell because he sometimes says things out loud.

It is a good thing Bulgar is only a day away from here. He will be much happier with more people around him. I should look for an orphanage to drop him off if there isn't one, I'll find someone to take care of him. I hope I can, if I spend any more time with him, I might go crazy myself. I should get some sleep soon, it is going to be a long day tomorrow.


We finally made it to the city and I learned a lot these past 2 days with Morgan. One is that children can be annoying when they talk and when they don't want to talk. I had the brilliant idea to keep talking to Morgan until he runs out of depressing things to say. However, at one point he stopped responding to me.

The reason he gave me is that he doesn't want to reveal all his secrets to a stranger. It was Clara's fault, it is smart advice I will admit that much. I just want the kid to be normal by the time we reach the city. He might scare people off the way he is now, I can't give up, this kid needs something good to happen in his life. Time to find this little guy a home, I must not forget my mission.

-----------A Few Hours Later

I kind of hate to admit it, but Morgan was such a huge help. He is surprisingly smart at times, I don't know how, but he convinced people to buy our wares at a higher price. He did that after he learned what I was selling bolts of silk, some medicines, carpets, and some spices.

All he did was describe the amount of work and care we put into making our wares, to show the merchants how our wares were more unique and of a higher quality. He then assured the merchants they can sell them at a much higher price because of their quality.

He then asked them to tell their customers how we pride ourselves in creating our high-quality wares. He told the merchants that he trusts their ability to sell our wares for their true worth. That only merchants like them are worthy of selling, what he called 'the fruits of our labor'. The merchants liked him a lot for believing in their skills.

I didn't plan on buying a lot of things, but he also helped out in buying more for the same amount I was planning to spend. Whenever I tried to buy something, he would pull my sleeve and interrupt my conversation with the merchants. He kept saying things like the other merchants have the same thing for less, or that with another merchant we can buy more things.

He even tried to pull me away from the merchants, really convinced the merchants that I was going to follow his advice. He even convinced me, when he started to talk about the amount we could save by buying from a specific merchant. Told me to not waste any time here, that we needed to leave immediately.

He told me to hurry up before the other merchant runs out of items, and if I was late there is another merchant we can go to. It helped that some of the other customers believed him and started to leave. In an effort to not lose any customers, some merchants lowered their prices to match what Morgan said or to be lower than what they had at the start.

Did they believe the merchants and other customers believe his words because they thought he was an innocent child? How was he able to talk and lie like that? I thought he didn't like to talk, but according to him, that was his best skill. He even started to convince other people to buy from the merchants he tricked. He never told me why he did that.

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When I asked him if he got those ideas from his friend Clara, he looked very offended. He told me it was all his idea, that Clara is nowhere near as smart as him. How was I supposed to know? All of my previous talks with him were all about the ideas Clara had. He never once talked about ideas he made on his own.

Well, it's almost time for me to leave, I just need to load the items onto the wagon. I miss my daughter a lot, I can't wait to get home after this. Thanks to Morgan, the tribe doesn't need to head back to Bulgar in some time and we have more money for the future.

--------1 Day Later

"Can I ask you a question?"


"How far away is the orphanage? When do you think we will get there?"

I forgot to leave him in Bulgar and I also forgot to search for an orphanage to send him to. I got so distracted watching him talk to Clara, and fooling all those people. I made that lie about the orphanage up, to reassure him about his future of having more friends. Now, what do I do with him? Do I keep him? With enough time he can become normal, he already seems pretty smart even with all his problems.

I do admit it is kind of fun to watch this little guy do things, he is very different from the kids back in the tribe. I don't want to go back to Bulgar, because if I take too long my wife will be very angry. This kid is also very quiet so the journey back won't be too annoying.

Alright, I'll take him back to the tribe to see if anyone wants to help this sad child. He will be safer if he is with us, and he can make some friends around his age. I hope he doesn't scare the others by talking to Clara or make them die from a broken heart with the things he says.

Never thought I would come home bringing a child with me. I hope I can make him more normal, and he doesn't make me crazier on the way back. Have I grown attached to the little guy? I think so, his mother's story reminds me of my wife, Madelyn. Very brave to run away from her home for something like love, but it hurts my heart to think of her and Lyn in a similar situation to his.

I hope my daughter doesn't end up alone like him when me and Madelyn are gone. I hope someone gives her a helping hand when she needs it most. I believe good deeds always get repaid in the future in some way, maybe she will find help as a result of this deed.

I hope by bringing him to the tribe will lead to him living a better life. A life where he isn't alone and constantly alert. I was never much of an emotional person, but for some reason this kid makes me think a lot about my life and the decisions I have made.

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