6 My First Day In This Wonderful New World

I awaken, and I see daylight for the first time in my new life. I am finally in the outside world. The past 5 years I was raised by my master in a dimly lit dungeon. It wasn't that bad, I learned how to do all sorts of magic, and most importantly, common sense.

I can sense and feel the abundance of magic in the air, this is something I need to get used to soon. I get up and look around, and honestly, I am surprised at what I see. I see a large open field, with grass as far as I can see. I have never seen this much plant life in my life before.

Time for the biggest question, where the fuck am I? I could say I am in Sacae, but I have nothing to go off of. There are open plains in every country, and I do not have a map on me.

"Hmmm. I guess I'll look for some food and water now."

It feels weird talking to myself, but it is not something I haven't done before to keep myself sane. I hate being alone in silence, I just start thinking about dumb hypothetical problems or the depressing parts of my life. It's a bad habit I built in my first life, and I still haven't gotten rid of it.

I need to find some people to keep me sane, even the idea of having a person near me will keep me sane. Got to focus on finding food and water, don't want to die at the budding age of 5.

"I guess I'll head, north? Whatever I am heading up in that direction."


I finally spot a river off in the distance after heading up for a long time. The water looks so clean and clear, the beauty of unpolluted water. I have a source of clean water for now, but I can't stay here forever. I need social interaction to stay sane, and I need the safety that is provided by a group. I am still a small child, after all, there are so many predators out there that want to feast on my succulent flesh.

Now for the more pressing matters, did I remember to put some jars in my inventory. It would suck to not have any way to store some water for later. Alright time to see what I have stored in my meager inventory spell. I have my diary, my empty sheath, the two polearms I can't use, a small jar of some poison I made for fun, 3 medium-sized empty jars, and a bag I don't remember putting in there.

Okay, let's see what's in the bag. I see a note in there, which I'll read later on. There are 2 decent-sized waterskins, a small knife, a blanket, a small pot, and a pendant with what I think is an obsidian gem. Alright not too bad, I guess I should read the note now.

"Morgan before I sent you out to the world to fend for yourself, I packed this bag for you. I believe in your ability to stay alive, finding food shouldn't be a problem for you. Water, however, is a different issue, so always remember to stockpile as much as you can. Remember, I trained you to be able to resist all sorts of diseases and poisons, so you should be able to drink from any clean looking source of water.

When the time comes for you to take the mission I raised you to complete, this gem will pulsate with my magic. That means I am summoning you, to answer my summon you pour your magic into the gem. Remember to answer my summon as soon as possible, the mission should always be a top priority. Until then live your life in the outside world like normal, and remember to keep my existence a secret."

Aww, my master did care about me, well enough for him to worry about my safety. It was always hard to read him, honestly, it felt like I was raised by a robot. I rarely saw him express emotions and he placed so much emphasis on efficiency. The 'training' I received from what I can remember was a mixture of magic experimentation and actual training.

Do I blame him for the human experimentation? Not really, I would accept any procedure that can boost my chances of survival. Captain America was a science experiment, and he turned out fine, so what makes my situation any different. It helps that I do not remember feeling the pain from the experiments, not sure if I am suppressing those memories, but I can live not having those memories. I don't have to worry about dying from most diseases and poisons, so that's worth it.

The draconian training I received to improve my senses and how to fight? Again, I don't blame him whatsoever. I had zero combat experience in my previous life, and if a lot of pain now can keep me alive in the future, then it was a worthwhile trade. The magic and medicine lessons were hard, but I found it to be really fun.

All in all not so bad in the grand scheme of things, I am pretty glad someone like my master found and raised me. He may have had some other intentions for taking me in, but after learning more about my parents and my possible fate, I let that slide. As an orphan things could be worse, and my future is not so bad with the skills I have gained from his tutelage.

My first actual memory and experience in this world is debatably the worse one for anyone reincarnating into a different world. My memory starts from the moment I was born in some random alley, my mother had enough strength to cut the cord and carry me in her arms. Shortly after though she died, rigor mortis was the only thing keeping me in my new mother's arms.

I do not know for how long I was alone and starving, as a baby all I could do was cry for help. Honestly speaking that experience still scares me, and made me realize how powerless I am in this new world. I was never power hungry before, but in my last life, I wasn't in any real danger living in modern society.

My master communicated with the soul of my dead mother and I learned about my parentage in this world. My mother was a runaway noble from Bern, who eloped with her one true love to escape a loveless marriage. Sadly it wasn't a fairy tale ending my father died trying to make ends meet, and my mother died from the exhaustion of working too hard. Giving birth to me took the last of her strength, it was brief, but I felt a mother's love once again.

Thankfully I already experienced the love of a mother and father in my first life. I do miss that feeling, I hope I can find another family to take me in or something. I'll even join a gang if I have to, I never want to be alone and powerless again. While I was being distracted by my thoughts, I made it to the river and I saw my reflection for the first time.

I look like a mini hentai protagonist! I didn't know it was possible to see through all of this hair, is this the results of my training. I didn't think I had bangs this long, even with all of the hair covering my eyes I have great vision. My hair is black now, that's not so bad, I had brown hair in my first life. I lifted my bangs to get them out of the way and nothing changed. I can still see the world with the same clarity as when my hair is down.

Now that my hair is out of the way, I see that I now have ebony dark eyes. How do I know this? Well, I blame my friend who liked wearing bizarre eye contacts, I thought when she wore that color they looked good on her. I don't want to be too much of a narcissist, but this eye color doesn't look bad on me. It beats having the average brown eyes I had in my last life.

I use dark magic, so having a black color scheme suits me quite well. My eye color does not look normal. Now that I think about it, did my use of magic affect the appearance of my eye color? I also did a lot of experimentation on myself. I wonder if my unnatural eye color is a result of overusing my magic or a side effect of the experimentation?

Hopefully, with my black hair, dark grey eyes, and obsidian pendant, I don't look too edgy. Right now I am a cute "innocent" child, who looks like he can't see. Well time to stock up on water, don't want to drink my piss later.

I took out the 2 water skins and 3 jars, I of course filled them up with water. Just in case I also filled up my sheath with water, not using it for anything else, so I might as well use it to store water. I then put them away in my inventory.

Ahh space magic, so useful for small weak children like me. I wonder what is the maximum my tiny arms can carry? Enough of that, I need to find food and shelter. I still have enough magic in me to fire about 4 combat spells. I can use one or two to hunt an animal. Time to search.


Alright, I found my target, a group of weird-looking deer, or are they antelopes? Whatever, a herd of meat is close by. They haven't noticed me yet, I can probably kill one of them with a sneak from here. Alright, taking the shot, going to try to aim for its head. I make a finger pistol and use my thumb to aim.

Not sure how much power it is going to take to kill it, but better to be safe than sorry. I'll go with the power of 2 spells.


Yeah, saying the spells in my mind gets the job done. No need to ruin the sneak attack by shouting like an idiot. Pierce is just a simple spell, but it is very practical and fast. I just concentrate my magic into a body part, usually my fingers, then I fire it by letting it power surge.

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The color of my magic is black, so all I see is a black bullet speeding towards the head target. Sweet, I didn't dislocate my fingers this time. Glad I can finally use this spell without hurting myself. Looks like I made a good call by using the power of 2 spells. The 'bullet' pierces through the skull, however, it didn't go all the way through, the 'bullet' probably made it halfway. Well, I have food for now.


I found a thicket near the river to take shelter in, glad something is going my way. After dragging the corpse of the prey to a safe location, I tried skinning for the first time. Not going to lie I did a pretty bad job preserving the fur, the experience overall was pretty messy and got a lot of blood on me.

Good thing I had enough magic for a cleaning spell, now that I think about it, I haven't taken a bath since I learned this spell. Do I still smell, I might have to create a deodorant spell in the future. Is that even possible? I just know my master kept using this on me to clean me, it might already have that as a built-in feature. Something to test out when I have company around me.

It is night time, and it is pretty terrifying. Sure the sky is pretty and I saw stars in the night sky for the first time. But everything else around me is pitch-dark, I'm glad I cooked my meat earlier on, I would have been too scared to cook at night. Well, I guess this ends my first day in this new world.

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