17 Magic With Morgan

Meanwhile in Morgan Land

I wake up and emerge from my burrow, and cast cleanse. That was a good night's sleep, part of my morning duties is landscaping. In other words, I am filling up the hole I dug up, and replacing the grass. I don't like looking at a patch of dirt in a sea of green, it messes with my slight OCD.

So I either replace it entirely with greenery I took from an area I don't have to look at, or I use an illusion spell to make it look normal. Is it a waste of magic? Yes, but I can't stay calm or focused when something feels off in the environment.

I wonder if anyone else is awake at this hour? I haven't been around people in a long time, so I do not know what the normal time to wake up is. Hassar got up at dawn, but that was because he wanted to start early to get home early. Well, time to get started on filling that hole up.


After cleaning up my mess, I had nothing to do for quite a while. So while I waited for the others to give up, I decided to commence the plan I had put on hold for so long. I call it the Morning Routine to Greatness.

~Call it the Daily Regimen to Transcendence, or I will reveal the original plan's name to the tribe.~

You can't talk to people, you are just a figment of my imagination.

~Keep telling yourself that. You will learn the truth in time.~

Whatever, I need to slowly build up enough strength to get to the real training regime. I will start with 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 lateral jumps, 10 squats, and run for a bit. I add more as I go on, but for now, it's better to start small and slowly build myself up.

Am I ripping off a certain bald man's program to power? Yes, and no. I added more to it, so it's fair use because it's transformative. Now that we got that out of the way, I need to do some stretches before I start my exercises.

I would like to work on my flexibility before my body is in constant pain from the other exercises. I honestly don't know what is up with my body, the best way to put it is abnormal. No matter how much I push my physical limits, I just feel the exhaustion and no soreness when I am done.

I still feel the pain from pushing my body to its limits, so that is still normal. However, things start to get interesting when I resume my training the next day. When I start exercising, I feel all the pain I accumulated yesterday. I don't feel the accumulated exhaustion either, just the pain.

So as the week goes on, the pain gets stronger and working out becomes a test of willpower. The weirdest thing about my body is what happens when I rest for a day. The pain just resets, I have no idea why this happens. All I know is that rest days have an extra benefit for me.


I finished for the day, tomorrow's regimen will suck, but the path to greatness is one of suffering. At least it is in my case, but things could be worse. I cast cleanse to get rid of my sweat and potential body odor. I think the tribe should be awake for now, time to socialize.

I have no idea what to do now, but when a kid is in doubt they should ask an adult what is going on. Unless that adult is me, which will result in the kid being more confused than when he started. I wonder who I should ask for help? Better to go with the first people I see.

----------------A Few Moments Later

I spot the women talking in a group, not sure what they are talking about, but it must be important. It's time for me to be the helpful quiet child every adult wants. I will offer my assistance to them, or at the very least make my presence known to the adults.

"Good morning. How are all of you doing this morning? Am I interrupting something important."

"Hello, Morgan we are just deciding how to divide up the work for today."

The one who answers me is Madelyn, I'm glad whatever I said to her yesterday isn't affecting her anymore. Not going to lie, that has been on my mind since yesterday.

"Do any of you need any help?"

"We will be fine, don't worry about it. Just go play around until it's time to eat. You did enough yesterday by bringing all of those wolf carcasses."

WOW, I was just told to go away while the adults are talking, I wasn't expecting to hear that. Then again legally I am a kid, so it was only a matter of time until something like that would happen to me. I guess I'll run along now and go play with my magic or something.

"If any of you need me I'll be over there playing with magic. It could be dangerous for others to be near me, so I'll be farther away. Please remember to ask me for help, I'll do my best to help everyone. I know a lot of spells, so I could surprise you and help out with a lot of things."

I pointed to the general area where I would be 'playing'. As a person who nearly lost a child one time, I understand how scary it is when it happens. So to spare them the heart-ache that comes from looking for me, I told them where to look.

"Oh, wait. Before you go, yesterday Hassar said that he will be discussing what to do about your circumstances with the other men. So don't worry about that, just go and have fun."

It's reassuring that the tribesmen are giving that much thought to my problems. I'll try not to annoy them as thanks, that's the best I can do for them for while I am still a child. Well, I'll guess I'll work on understanding the properties of my magic.


~Now that I think about it, I have never seen you fail at casting a spell. The most I have seen is you run out of magic, but even then that isn't normal. You shouldn't be capable of doing the things you do with such low reserves of magic. How good are you with magic?~

"I hit B-rank so that should be the reason why."

~That means nothing when I don't understand your grading system.~

"Okay, so the ranks go from E, D, C, B, A, S, and SS. They aren't official ranks per se, just a way to gauge where you stand among your peers. And to split up the categories further there are plus and minus ranks within each letter category. Are you with me so far?"

~It's easy to understand so far, but do the ranks have any sort of meaning attached to them.~

"So to give you an idea as to what the ranks mean generally, think of it like this. E-rank is used to describe an untrained person, someone who is learning the basics. D-rank would describe a novice, and at this stage, a person focuses on learning how to apply the basics.

C-rank is when a person can properly apply the basics, and this stage is focused on gaining experience. B-rank is special, that is when you start to get into the more advanced and theoretical aspects of a topic. This is the start of searching for a path unique to yourself.

This is where things can change, A-rank is achieving absolute mastery of the fundamental and intermediate aspects of a topic. S-rank is different, it is a rank that is given to you by your peers, it is when you become recognized as an authority in your field. SS-rank is too abstract to speak of it generally."

'Then tell me about the ranks in magic then. I want to get an idea of where you stand.'

"There are 2 ways to classify a mage, but other than that, the first 2 ranks are the same. E-rank is learning fundamentals, and D-rank is applying the fundamentals. C-rank is where things start to change depending on your path. They are the soldier, the scholar, and the cultivator.

The two main paths are soldier and scholar, the two are related to one another, and making progress in one path can help in embarking on the other path. Looking at the names alone you can tell what each path focuses on.

At C-rank both paths focus on control and understanding magic, but in different ways. The scholar focuses on learning the nature and properties of magic. They may also choose what part of parts of magic they want to focus on studying.

The soldier, on the other hand, focuses on gaining practical experience controlling their magic. At this rank, they focus on learning to control the output of their magic. They also learn how to control the destructive capabilities of their spells.

At B-rank the scholar focuses on trying to understand the reasons why magic behaves the way it does. They start to theorize and experiment to find the answers to the questions they posed. In doing so they make discoveries or improve on the work of their predecessors.

The soldier learns how to optimize the use of their magic. How to maximize the damage while spending very little of their magical power. It is at this rank where soldiers have the knowledge and experience to be able to use powerful siege magic.

At A-rank, both disciplines of magic reach the rank where one can call themselves a master. It is at this stage where they can shift their focus to the creation of new spells. And S-rank remains mostly the same, it is a granted to you by your peers.

However, S-rank can also be used to describe a mage who has mastered the path they set for themselves. What they discovered as they advanced through the ranks, is only known to them. The reason why is mainly due to the fact magic behaves differently with each person.

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There may be similarities between each person's experience, but for the most part, it is a unique learning process. Scholars look for more of these similarities, while soldiers strive to build a path many can use to advance through the ranks."

'You're at B-rank, so you are a lot smarter and useful than you look. So which discipline do you follow?'

"If you want to know, dark magic is an exception, because of the way it interacts with the user."

'Why did you waste my time then? I'll forgive you if you give me a straight answer.'

"Well, if you must know, I follow the path of….."

To Be Continued.


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