19 I'm Being Helpful

(Morgan Pov)

I take out my diary, it has been a long time since I last laid eyes on it. I used it to chronicle my life with my master and my progress as a mage. It has everything I need in case I lose some memories, it has excerpts describing how I felt when I reached certain milestones, or what I should feel when casting spells.

I have excerpts explaining concepts of dark magic step by step to me, the experiences that allowed me to understand that concept, and the mistakes I made trying to apply said topic. I included my mistakes to stop myself from repeating any failed experiments.

The transformation my magic underwent is something I have to record in my diary, it would be stupid not to do this. While I may have an idea as to what exactly changed about it, you can never be too safe.

Which brings me to today's plans, I will do some tests to gauge how much has changed from my original magic. I wonder how much time this will take? I have an unhealthy habit of ignoring my basic needs when I focus on work, hopefully, I won't go too far unsupervised.

-----------------------A Few Hours Later

The world instinctively resists anyone who tries to take from its reserves of magic, especially if someone tries to take from its reserves of dark magic. But now there is little to no resistance from the world. I am not sure if this behavior is unique only to me, I can't test this alone.

All I know currently is for the most my magic behaves the same, it is just more efficient. I will have to conduct further tests in the future, to see what else has changed. For now, the only observable difference is, the amount of magic I have to expend on my part.

I can't command the world's magic to initiate the creation of a spell. I have done numerous tests and it isn't possible, despite having a preferential relationship with the world. I still have to begin the construction of the spells myself. This isn't a huge drawback when compared to the benefits I have gained.

I only have to use 1/5 of the magic necessary to construct the spell. The world as if knowing my intentions will finish my spell if I just ask for its assistance. Creating a spell using this method makes it stronger, faster, and travel farther than what my current limits allow me to do. And I effectively have the ability to cast 5 times as many spells.

___________(AN: This means the end of a diary entry)

I finish writing that in my diary, and use a spell to encode it. Should I lose this diary, no one will be able to decode what I wrote down. Honestly, if a person can somehow decrypt my diary then they can use it as a comprehensive beginner's guide to dark magic.

They can reach at least C+ rank with that information alone, and depending on what information I add in the future they can go even further beyond. Besides the list of spells, I also have some of my deepest and darkest secrets written in there. It is still a dairy at the end of the day.

What I have written down there could easily be used against me if it falls into enemy hands. Which is why invented a spell that automatically encodes what's written in there if the diary falls into anybody else's hands.

It was a complicated spell to invent, but anyone who has used a computer understands the need to hide what is stored on that hard drive. No one must ever know what I have written down there. The content there even includes embarrassing moments from my first life.

I still haven't figured out how to create a self-destruct spell that triggers when the content is gazed upon. But enough of that for now, I wonder how much time I have killed experimenting? I want to do more tests, but I should take it slow just to be safe.

I should probably go back to the rest of the tribe, and ask them how time has gone by. It felt like an hour had gone by, but more time could have just as easily gone by without me noticing. If I was gone for too long, I could cause some distress to the adults.

------------------A few moments later

I'm glad I was asked to help out, I hate the feeling of being useless or not contributing. There is no I in team, but there is one in carried and two in the phase I carried. While I enjoy working together with others, I like the feeling of carrying a team more.

It is a great pride booster when you can do something that normally takes an entire group to do all on your own. Whatever the case may be, I just like helping the people who have done right by me.

While the tribe hasn't done anything for me yet, I appreciate the sentiment of letting me into their lives. I am so much safer in a group, and I am genuinely terrified of what lengths I will go to survive if I am on my own.

I may or not have come out of that situation unscathed, but it's better to be careful. The harm done to my mind is very negligible if I use my own reserves of magic. The only danger to me now is my desires, if left unchecked they could be my downfall.

Using my reserves of magic just shifts my personality around a little if I use it continuously, but its nothing a little rest can't fix. The true danger is using powers that aren't mine, but enough of that. I was given a very important opportunity to show I'm a really useful kid.

I have to focus on helping out at this very moment and not think about the past. My job is a simple one, I basically have to wait tables. We are having wolf soup again, thanks to my generous contribution of 12 wolf carcasses to the food supply.

I think I understand Madelyn's intention with this job, this is a good way to get familiar with all of the people in the tribe. I wonder why she is trying to help me out. Did Hassar say something to her? Or does she simply believe it is what she has to do as an adult? Either way, I appreciate it.

I just finished bringing the food to the other children, they weren't as annoying as the kids I met before. These kids are still pretty loud and rambunctious like every kid should be, but they seem more polite. It might be because children in the modern era aren't disciplined enough and are spoiled as a way to show love. My parents didn't spoil me at all, but then again I wasn't needy.

I was still loved by them, but they never did anything excessive. My mother was always there to keep me grounded, any time I got too cocky she would be there to bring me down a peg. I am thankful for that, it is because of her that I became a tolerable person despite my many quirks.

There are a lot of children in this tribe, I met around 10 of them and there might be more I haven't met. Anyways, my next task is to bring the men their food and they look like they are discussing something important. I must give them their food discreetly, I strive for a 10/10 customer service rating.

I do not want to eavesdrop on their conversation, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. I can be trusted to keep a secret, I can confidently claim that I took many of my friends' secrets to my grave. So nothing will get leaked from my end, and I promise not to laugh if it is embarrassing.

"Any of you have any luck finding the kid."

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"Judging by your tone Bayar, you didn't find anything either. And before you ask no, I couldn't find a trace of him inside the campgrounds. I hope we find him soon, I am losing faith in my skills as a hunter. I can find animals with the slightest hint of their presence, but I can't find a single kid."

Damn, that's rough buddy. If I know the feeling of having the skills to do something, but not being able to do it. I know I can turn my tongue, both of my parents can do it, so I know it's in genetics. Note to self, train yourself how to do it, you can do it if you believe hard enough.

"So even you couldn't find anything. Amar, you are one of our best hunters and our best tracker. We were kind of counting on the idea, that uhh you have the best shot at fi-."

I should change the flow of this conversation. I already placed the large bowls in front of all 5 of them, discreetly of course. 10/10 customer service can get your meal without you noticing, and without interrupting your conversations. I did a little too well, time to get their attention.

"Here you go."

"-nd, oh, thank you."

Mission success! I broke the flow of the conversation and I got them their food without alerting them to my presence.

"My pleasure."

"What was I saying again? Oh yeah, we were all hoping you could find a clue at the very least. Hassar, Esen, Batu, Altan, and Roger are patrolling the perimeter, so they'll tell us if they find any trace of him. I'm kind of scared to ask, but did any of you let it slip that we lost a kid?"

"I made sure to be extra quiet around Bayamaa and the other women. The last thing my pride as a tracker needs, I don't think I can handle judgemental stares from all of the women. If this happens again, I know they will be counting on me to find the kids should they go missing."

"I guess that's the pressure that comes as a result of being the best. Don't worry about it, I'm sure the rest of us kept this a secret. I'm sure the last thing we need is our wives telling us how bad we are at taking care of children."

I see the rest of the men nod confidently at keeping the fact they lost a child a secret. Damn, I feel sorry for eavesdropping on their conversation, welp, too late for that. What they don't know won't hurt them, I'll let them have this hollow victory.

As for the reason why they haven't noticed, I used my stealth spell to completely erase my presence. When compared to my shrouding spell, it lasts a shorter amount of time, but the effects are stronger as a compromise for that weakness.

Hmm, I guess I'll help them look for that missing child as a way to make up for eavesdropping. I am asking for details discreetly, that's why I am the MVP when it comes to planning surprise parties. I should ask the women how many children there are in the tribe as a way to find out who exactly is missing.

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