3 Creating my "Backstory"

I woke up from my "dream" and I find myself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, and I notice that I am laying down on top of something. Judging by how it feels on my back it might be a bed or something similar. All I know is that this is not the bed I went to sleep on.

I inhale and feel the air entering my nose, while I was doing that I place my right hand on my chest and place my left hand on my stomach. I exhale after holding my breath for a short while, and I can hear the air coming out of my nose. I can see, hear, smell, and can feel things. If I am to believe that dream, then that means I am alive again.

Something doesn't feel quite right though, I look at my hand and I realized it is so much smaller than what I am used to. I sit up and decide to inspect the rest of my body. I confirm that I am still male and I am now a small child. I still have my favorite appendage, but it is so much smaller when compared to my prime, but it will grow.

...I hope it does. Got to think positively about my situation, I am alive again. I also have clothes on, and I still have the ability to talk. My voice though is so high pitched, damn it, I sound cute. If I was in some sort of hentai world I would be premium milf bait, but I know this god isn't that generous and he will never answer my prayers. I am really looking forward towards the end of puberty, I feel so weak and useless.

The room is illuminated by candlelight so I can't see much, but it is better than nothing. Having a new body has definitely convinced me into believing what I experienced in that dream is true. God said he had a plan, but I am not exactly confident in implementing the plan.

"Good the memory restoration worked out perfectly, just had to temporarily seal the newer memories. Glad nothing went wrong this time."

While I was thinking, I heard a voice speak to me, but the eeriest thing about it is not the tone, but who it sounds like. It is the voice I am most familiar with, it was my voice, the voice I had when I was an adult in my previous life. It is so bizarre hearing my voice coming from the shadowy figure that is approaching me, while I am in the body of a child. Having nothing else to go off of, I am guessing this is God, and I have no idea what he intends to do now.

"What do you mean nothing went wrong this time, what could have happened to me? What do we do now that we are here?"

"Glad to have the full you back. Don't mind the small things, and what we are doing is creating your backstory for this world. Everyone knows that the origin story of a hero is one of the most important components of a good heroic legend.

My favorite part of the origin story is the hero meeting the mentor, the mentor shapes the mind of the young hero and gives the hero the tools they need to confront the dangers that may lie ahead.

Sadly we are doing a bastardized version of that part, you can be considered a completed character. You have already experienced the hardships of life and have already developed a mindset to confront the various things life will throw at you. However, there is still a chance for you to grow and change.

The possibilities are endless, I cannot wait to teach you all sorts of things. I have always wanted to be the mentor or god in one of these stories, but I haven't done so because I didn't want to ruin the story."

Oh, so the only reason he is here is for wish fulfillment. I have to remember to be positive in dire circumstances, I should be happy that he is willing to guide me. While I may remember my past life, absolutely none of my past experiences will help me in surviving out in the wild or practical combat skills. Sadly the only thing I can remember that actually deals with survival is Bear Grylls telling us that when things are dire, we have to drink our own piss.

When I think about it, I desperately need more than just survival skills and self-defense skills, I need common sense. I need to learn the common sense of the world I am going to live in, common sense has saved me so much in the past. In light of that revelation, I have to prioritize preparing for the potential danger God put me in. For now, I'll give up on getting answers, survival is more important.

"Is this your true body God? Why does this body have my old voice, is this some sort of weird god power that prevents me from seeing or hearing your real voice while I am alive?"

Might as well deal with the other elephant in the room if I can't get the answers I really want. Body, might not be the right word to describe the ethereal figure that has my voice, but I am not sure what else to call it without being rude.

"In this world, at birth people have an affinity to an element and it is believed to be an important aspect in forming bonds with people. When I reincarnated you I discovered your new body has the potential to learn magic. Your innate affinity is the element of darkness. So I commandeered this body to teach you about the common sense and culture of this world."

"There are so many things wrong with you just said. I feel more like a dark lord with the support of a demon, rather than a hero blessed by a god after that.

Who is this person and why is their body like that? Did you take over them forcefully or did you have their permission?"

I would say this ethically wrong and illegal, but I do not think those concepts apply to gods. Even if they did, who would be able to stop this guy? The goddess of justice? I doubt she can, seeing as how brazen he is doing all of these things.

There is also the fact that if she could he will come back stronger than ever and try again, being the god of self-improvement and tribulations basically makes him like Doomsday, or a Saiyan, or even worse some sort of combination of both.

"I took over the body of a man named Bramimond, a hero who gave up his form, personality, and his emotions for perfect mastery over dark magic. He only chose to sacrifice everything after losing everything dear to him in mankind's struggle against the dragons.

The sacrifice he made was immense for sure, but he gained the power necessary to vanquish the dragons. To prevent others from feeling the same loss he did, he decided to fight alongside 7 other heroes to end the conflict once and for all."

I was not expecting to meet a genuine world-saving hero, and like most great heroes his ending is tragic. So nothing he cares for is left, there is nothing scarier than a person with nothing left to lose. What they are willing to do is what makes them scary, is that why he was able to make such a large sacrifice, or was there some other reason?

The guy deserves something for being strung along in this crazy god's plan. He is the god of self-sacrifice, maybe he will do something to reward this guy. Then again he is the god of selfishness so he might not do anything. How is he a god of two contradicting concepts, I wonder how that works? They are related, but which one will he prioritize or does he have a different definition for self-sacrifice.

"Does Brammimond get anything out of being your vessel, he at the very least deserves something for sacrificing himself for humanity."

"By taking over his body temporarily I can salvage the last vestiges of his humanity, and I'll grant his final wish. I cannot do anything he would be against while I am in his body, doing so would end my descent prematurely and he will destroy his own soul by attempting to defy me. I do not want to have any disturbances to plan, so I'll play along with his requests.

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While I am limited to what his old personality would allow, my abilities and knowledge are not limited whatsoever by this body. His background is perfect for playing the role of a mentor, so we have a convenient cover story for the future."

He may have perfect mastery over dark magic, but I guess that isn't enough to challenge a god of this caliber. I wonder what kind of wish a man like Bramimond has? He barely has any of the traits this would make someone human left in him. What could he want most? What do we need a cover story for, just how far ahead has he planned ahead?

"So what exactly do you plan to teach me, because I don't have any semblance of a foundation for many practical skills. What do I need to learn to survive in this new world? How much time will you have to teach me?"

"In this world, you will see that might makes right, you will have to fight to make your own place in this world. Whether you fight alone or with others, you need the strength and knowledge to implement your plans. I will teach you the basics of fighting, and some military tactics so you don't end up as cannon fodder in a battlefield.

In this world nature is abundant, and it will be your biggest ally and enemy. I will teach you how to use it to your advantage, you will learn how to live off of nature's bounty and how to create medicines or poisons. I would hate to lose you in such an anticlimactic way, diseases and poisons will always be a threat to mortals."

"Good to know that I will not die as easily as I thought. You said I have the potential to learn magic. What is magic exactly? Is it just a form of manipulating elements and nature, or is it manipulating reality with the supernatural? What can it do for me? What are the limitations of magic?"

"That is for you to find out, I will not give you all the answers, where is the fun in that. I will teach you the fundamentals of dark magic. You have to find the answers for yourself, many have dedicated themselves towards pursuing an answer to that question.

For many of the greatest mages, the answer they found created a foundation of a power that is unique to them. These types of magic can be seen as an accumulation of a person's knowledge and life experiences. With enough knowledge, experience, and experimentation, even you can create your own spells."

Messing around with magic might be fun for me. Now that I think about it, what am I even going to do for fun in a new world? I must find a hobby in the world, I have done so many stupid things because of boredom. Many of them were potentially life-threatening, I will definitely do something similar in this world if bored enough. Magic will be a dangerous toy, and one I will definitely play with.

"It is your decision to decide which topics you want to prioritize and neglect, after all your choices matter in this journey. I will give you the tools to survive, but it will ultimately be up to you to decide how you want to use them. What topic would you like to start with? Do you have any further questions, before we start with your lessons Morgan?"

"For how long are you going to train me? How old am I in this new body, will training have an adverse effect on my growth or health?"

"Right now your current body is four years old, and no, the training won't harm you because of my blessing. I will send you out into the world when I feel you are ready, but only a year will pass when your training is complete.

I want you to experience growing up in this world, and experience everything it has to offer. I will be watching you closely, to see whether you become the hero I am looking for or you become like the others. Time will tell both of us. We will meet again when the journey reaches its conclusion, so all that happens in between the beginning and end will be up to you."

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