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Fire and Fangs


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Ash Harlin is one of the best assassins the world has ever seen. She has a reputation of being wild and wicked. The werewolf community keep out of her way. She wants the world at her feet. She has a secret. Keeran Helix is the son of two powerful alphas, and as soon as he finds a mate, is destined to ascend as the pack leader. He's strong - uncannily so even for a werewolf. He was looking for a mate that would help lead, that would be good for the pack. But when he ascends, it'll be with a killer by his side. -- "You want to test my patience tonight, little Ash, don't you?" He purred against the base of my neck. I stiffened at the contact that sent shivers along my skin. "I wasn't going to come, but seeing as you forced us all here, I couldn't just cancel my plans." I sensed his hand raise to grip my neck and whirled, catching his wrist and quirking an eyebrow. "Ah, ah, ah," I tutted. "Someone's being a bad boy. You ask permission before you touch." "Even if it's mine?" His eyes flashed a dark bronze, a smirk playing over his mouth. He hadn't tried to extract his hand from my grip. He wanted to play. The crowd stood in rapt silence - not even the Alphas were moving. The music had been switched off, and any noises were muted in the wake of our dance. "Yours?" I snorted and let his hand drop. I took another step back. It was my turn to circle, noting the easy way in which he stood, the bunching of his thigh muscles and the tension in his shoulders. "I am mine alone." "And yet fate decided to mate us." He cocked his head to the side as I rounded him. "Or do you want to continue pretending it didn't?"


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