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Finding What's Lost


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One day, Aurum woke up in a forest with none of his memories. The only things he has with him are strange clothes, his instincts, and an annoying companion. The foreign surroundings around him make it impossible for Aurum to let his guard down, and for a very good reason. Something is wrong with the forest, his companion is hiding secrets, and unknown entities are chasing him down for reasons he doesn't know or remember. Aurum sets out under the sun, stars, and three moons of this familiar yet strange world, experiencing strange things while struggling to regain his missing memory, unveiling answers that cause more trouble than he bargained for. This story was supposed to be my original webtoon, but I am writing it out here first so I can get a feel of the direction it is going to lead in. Instagram: smol_trashy_art_child (cover art by me) This is basically only a rough draft for the final story! I will delete this book and republish a better one once it is finished.


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