Finding the Overthrown King Book

novel - Fantasy

Finding the Overthrown King


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"A king doesn't rule a kingdom. He lets it rule him. He lets it change his perspective in life, his ways of living, for the better good of its people... and nothing else." ******* I swore an oath. To protect the kingdom and its people. Yes, I have done my best to do so. But I guess my best isn't enough to reach their satisfaction. And with that, I was unwanted, disgraced, and hated. No one to turn to. Well if there was one, they wouldn't understand. They would never understand. Now alone, I've finally made my decision. I will go away. Far far away from everyone. To a place, no one would recognize me as an overthrown king. Where I can do things how I want them to be. Where I don't have to live up to people's expectations. And I think I just found the perfect place...


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