Finding her school love Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Finding her school love


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Qin Sana is deeply in love with her high school boyfriend Jang Zhiling. They were together for five years and he in the end of their school has proposed her and she accepted it. But her single icy aunt Qin Miana does not accept their relationship and thinks that school love is just a chit a play and only hurts emotions. So with the help of her scientist uncle Chu Lincho, Sana time travels 20 years back when her aunt was in high school to find her school love and to make it successful so that in future she would provide her blessings. Will Sana be able to find her aunt's school love? Will there be a happy ending for couple ? Will Miana's thoughts about relationships in school ever change? This story is a mirror of my life. Miana's point of view is mine. I hope you will enjoy it This story is about Sana to learn maturity and contentment and Miana to accept the truth about change in emotions of a girl during adolescence.