2 Who are you?

The way he whispered in my ear felt so erotic that I was barely able to keep my calm.

His fingers slowly started caressing my back. He licked my nape and then moving upwards he reached my ear again. The warm embrace was totally felt as he moved his hands and started pressing against my body. I let out a weird moan.

He chuckled, "I see you are enjoying yourself here, right." He started doing things more hastily now. His touch was gentle, he was not rushing things and neither did I wanted him to.

"Ahh! Slow down." I said while moaning with pleasure.

"Why? Does it hurt? But I think you are quite into this. See! You are already aroused from me playing with you only" the person who made my heart flutter asked me. I was in a daze by now and my mind was succumbing to my desires.

He slowly embraced me and then princess carried me to the room. He put me down and started wiping my body with a towel.

"I don't want you to get a fever. Let's dry your hair too" he told me while searching for the hairdryer.

After drying my hair, he gently placed a peck on my forehead and told me to lie down comfortably on the bed.

His warm smell was making my heart beat faster. I wanted to be embraced by him as soon as possible but he didn't quite seem to be happy around me. At least that's what I pictured at that moment.

"I think I'm lacking in something. Let's make my client happy" was my immediate thought.

"Aren't you hungry? Let's order something Alex," he trodded towards the phone.

"What is happening? Why is he being like this? I'm here to do my business and he keeps making things difficult and embarrassing for me. At this rate I am not going to finish my job", I thought this as I became more anxious with every action he performed. Every thought that crossed my mind made me feel like I was not good enough and was not giving it my all.

"This is my time", I steadily moved towards him and embraced him from behind.

"Master...Oh sorry, Hyung...I am very hungry but not for food. Let me taste something else", I spoke as I moved to face him and with my mouth, I removed his towel and started seducing him. I slowly started to kiss him in the best possible way and in between, I stole glances at his beautiful face.

But as I was kissing I noticed that he had that blank expression on his face. I felt dejected for a moment. I was giving it my all but this person did not have a single expression on his face. It felt like he was not bothered at all with his surroundings and let things go with the flow.

"Hyung, is this not to your liking? Should I change my technique?" I asked while rising and stroking his hands gently.

"Alex, do you really want this?" the man with a beautiful face asked.

I tilted my head and then nodded immediately as I was not going to be distracted again.

"Yes, Hyung I want all of you", I replied with a racing heart and still confused about the expression on his face.

He held my face and looked me in the eyes while saying, "Ok, if that's what you want".

Those eyes had a hypnotizing effect as if I could do anything that this person commands.

He held my face and brought it towards him.

"Entertain me then".

After 5 minutes of intense playing with myself, he pulled me away and picked me up. I was coughing and so he put me on the bed.

He started with a small peck on the temple and then slowly he kissed my cheeks and then we started smooching. His kiss was so powerful and it felt so nice that I was barely able to breathe.

I could barely breathe when we parted. He looked at me again in the eyes. But this time his expression was something different as if a lost puppy has seen the owner finally.

"You are so beautiful Alex, I can't get enough of you," he said while he kissed my neck and I flinched a little because of the hickey. His hands moved lowered as he slowly caressed them. I felt the ecstasy at that moment.

I had never felt this precious before. This person's gentleness was melting my heart and my inside was tingling for this person's warmth.

"Alex, you are still the same. I am happy", he said while giving me small pecks all over my face again.

This is the third time he is referring to us being acquainted with each other. It was enough and my limit had reached. I was so curious now that I finally asked him the question on my mind.

"Umm! If you don't mind Hyung...Ahhh...C-can I know who you are? Don't worry...umm.. we keep our client's information confidential", I asked this while he was still kissing me.

He halted and lifted his head and asked with a confused look, "You seriously don't know who I am?"

My bewildered expression was the answer to his question. Before this, I usually dealt with trash-like people and I have only been deceived by false pretenses. The feeling I was having now was not meant be to be there in the first place. I became the victim of his kindness and now I am not able to distinguish it over lust.

"I am the future heir of this hotel", he spoke while I still sorted my feelings out.

The heir, the heir, I processed my thoughts for some time as I glanced in between at him and snap there it was. My eyes widened and I was at a loss for words. My blood rushed through my body and heightened my senses. I was feeling numb and was in a state of losing consciousness. Because the person I detested the most, the person who abuses omegas and throws them away as if no big deal; is this person, right in front of me. The beautiful face, these pretty eyes, and this killer jawline, all belong to this person over here.

I was truly baffled and without realizing I pushed him away. I stood up and bowed deeply as I had to take any action as soon as possible.

"I'm sorry I have some urgent matters to deal with, so if you please excuse me", I spoke while imagining...the hell, what urgent matters do I have to deal with. He will totally not buy that but still, my life is in danger here. What if he makes me his slave for life or sells me somewhere far off with my body parts cut into pieces or worse what if he gets me pregnant? No, No, No, none of these things can happen to me, absolutely not. No matter what he says, I will absolutely not look back.

I grabbed my clothes and started wearing them in a haste. I was trembling and I hope it occurred because of the cold outside. But the room was fully heated and there was no scope of any wind coming in. Deep inside my heart knew the real cause but my mind was not ready to accept that I was scared of the human right beside me. My survival instincts kicked in and it made me a little bold so I proceeded in doing what I was doing.

"Wait! What happened? I can take you if you are in such haste? It's raining outside. Do you have an umbrella? "he spoke while getting up and headed straight towards me.

"STOP! STOP right there", I shouted while making him confused.

He looked shocked and then suddenly his expression changed.

"So, you recognised who I am? That's why you are so scared", he started coming closer to me.

I panicked and ran towards the door in a rush.

"Joohyuk Lee, stop right there", as soon as I heard him say this I automatically halted.

I turned around in total bewilderment. My racing heart was no longer because of the tingling feeling but instead, it was beating fast because of fear.

"Ho-How do you know my name? Y-You, Who exactly are you?" I asked with all my might.

"Come here, I'll tell you everything, just trust me this once, I am not a scary person I swear. You have seen it for yourself, have I hurt you", he asked me while holding out his hand.

"No, but that was just so that you could gain my trust right! You even know my birth name, No, no, I don't think this is right," I spoke while completely denying his offer.

As soon as I was about to leave again. He came running from behind and embraced me tightly.

To be continued.....

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