1 Chapter 01 - Prologue


It has different meanings to different people.

To a king, War is a means to gain profits.

To a Hegemon, it is a Conquest.

And to a tactician, it's a way to show their talent.

But for 'Us', it was the only way to survive and protect those incapable of doing so.

It was tragic. I saw the corpses of my comrades pile up like a mountain. Their blood was turning cold, but there was no remorse.

Only a regret that they couldn't kill more of those disgusting beings that have invaded our world.

These people were my family. They still are. And now I have to see them put their life on the line to protect others.

If only those high and mighty 'Rulers' would have followed my suggestion.

If only I had been more decisive. NO! If only I had smashed those bastards and disciplined them, we could have done better.



As the last 'invader' fell, Chaos Monarch leaned onto his sword to take support of his worn-out body.

His eyes turned red while looking at the tragic fate of his comrades. He dropped to his knees and screamed to vent his anger and suffering.

He was all alone once again.

However, his scream stopped as he vomited blood from his mouth.

He felt warmth spreading throughout his torso as blood painted his clothes red.

Before he could react, another sword pierced his heart.

He saw familiar faces of those who had betrayed him. They were mocking him for his miseries.

The most ironic thing he felt was that the two races, who were enemies for eternity, had joined their hands to kill him.

"Why?" Chaos Monarch asked. He wanted to know why they would kill someone who has protected the entire world from slaughter.

"Why, you ask?" The person chuckled, "You were just in our way."

Chaos Monarch sighed silently.

He was tired.

He wanted to curse, but there was no point.

He had already lost everything.

"If I could survive, I would pay them back a thousand folds," he decided as he closed his eyes.

Not willing to give the Chaos monarch any chance to survive, the person who had mocked him shattered his soul into countless pieces.

"Was it necessary to do that?" a feminine voice asked.

"Weak as he was in his final moments, that guy was Chaos Monarch. It doesn't hurt to be careful," he replied.


When everyone thought this was the end, unbeknownst to them, a spherical bead that Chaos Monarch kept close to him had vanished after getting soaked in his blood.

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