1 The Start~CHAPTER 1

Hey i don't know how to start this of but I'm Paris and I really like football but my mom doesn't support me on trying out... but on the other hand my dad is very excited for me to try out.

I'll tell you my backstory so you know more about me and what I'm like so we will go back to when I was a freshman.

In the middle of freshman year I met a guy named Jonah marais and I thought he was really nice and not a jerk but I was wrong...really wrong...

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Turns out he was a jerk and treated women like dogs bossing them around and he got a new girl everyday....every...day... so I lost feelings fast...after I dated him .-. Okay okay okay hold on! Hold on! Before you say "WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING?!?!" okay well this was before I even knew he was a jerk but I found that out the hard way...we where together for two days...i thought it was gonna last for a while but it didn't...as you can tell... and blah blah blah I think you know where this was going....anyways that made me have trust issues and the fact that my mother doesn't support me and started to abuse me I got real distant from all my friends and lost a few but I still have some friends that still stick by my side. ANYWAYS let's move on from that.

I'll tell you what I like

First of I like football my favorite sport , I also like the color black and red and brown and white .-. Yeah that's really it for the colors and uhm..I love animals and reptiles anything that's living ,-, spiders,snakes, ya know? Okay okay anyways Um..I'm a senior now.. let's just get on to the story.

I'm sorry if you don't like this story so far you can change it up a bit in your mind you can change the name and whatever but this is a Daniel seavey fan fiction AND NO THERE WILL BE NOTHING DIRTY AT ALL NUH AH HONEY NO! ONLY THING DIRTY WILL BE A KISS AND CUDDLES BUT THAT AINT DIRTY THAT CUTE OKAY SO IF YOU WANT SM DIRTY GO FIND ANOTHER FANFICTION CUZ YOU AINT AT THE RIGHT FANFICTION HUN! Okay thank you.