1 Out of space

It all started the day I was unconscious.

I thought I'd die but the sun wakes me up a sudden....

I look around...Where am I?.... what is this world? Am I out of space?....

Looks like I made something horrible or is dad put me in this place like I was out of the world?

I'm alone and have nothing to eat I sleep in a dirty mud, flies having fun with my entire body holly shit! I can't bare with this place any longer.

I miss my family and my girlfriend I didn't see them for days cause I'm stuck in this fucking weirdest world.

So many huge animals that I'm not familiar with and the tress colors are extremely different, some of the leaves are falling it's already autumn.

The sky is a bit dark green, the water seems red and smells bad..

I slap my self to find out if I was dreaming,yet nothing's changed I'm still here in a crazy world feels like I'm not belong here.

Thank God I'm alive but I don't know how I could ever survive...

Antoinette a human boy, 18 years of age who was a failure because his weak and can't find his way back home, his a total lost and in stomach pain his silly father drag him into the Dinosaurs Forest to stand out.

In Lurid City

"Dear should we him a backup, I don't think he'll be safe".

"No need for that of course first place never be easy, He will be okay cause I'm just like him when I'm still at his age".

There's nobody who'll come to rescue Antoinette, he's under a radiant self training.

I'm so hungry I must find something to eat something that would make me satisfied... "Hey! need help!?"...I thought that I was alone, I guess I'm wrong..

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