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Father of Mecha


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Luke was a hardcore fan of Sci-Fi novels and movies. His only wish in his life was to witness an advanced world with flying cars, hoverboards, iron soldiers, mechas, and spaceships. He was working at NASA in the hope of providing as much help as he can provide for civilization to advance. He wasn't one of those genius born with extraordinary brains but reached this height through hard work. He knows that this was as far as he can go. But, on a fateful day, everything changed when a man with an extraordinary demeanor appeared in his dream. "Do want to see the future- "Yes" "Or to live in the future?- "Live in the future" "if you- don't you know a youngster shouldn't talk while a senior is talking?" "Yes, I want to transmigrate." "...." There was silence for a few moments. The mysterious man just stood there and sighed. "Sigh, forget it. I will reincarnate you in the universe of science and technology. I chose you because of your love of advanced technology. You will be born as a son of a tycoon with unparalleled intelligence. Just chase your dream." Soon, Luke was dragged into the darkness. He was then born as a son of a tycoon but as soon as he saw the world he was disappointed. This civilization has been doing what Earth's scientists had warned human civilization.


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