Fates Of The Silver Strings Book

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Fates Of The Silver Strings


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Taken as a prisoner or royal guest?... and does her singing voice is the only thing that bought them together? After seeing horrible tragic blood death scene of her grandfather by hand of the strange foes hybrid monster known as Chimera Ants led by their King and murder of her best friend by her own voice. After she was spear to reason to lived. Hikaru was the last only royal family member heirs and possessions of one unlikely power passed down by her family, now living and trap, alone in a human world where magical creature does not exist. After she try to kill herself when she was later found and befriended by two mortal strange hunters and she realized without knowing that the world have changed ever since. Little least Hikaru did not know that The King Of The Chimera Ants have other plan in mind and really started to take interest in her and after being taken by forced to be a valuable jewel that is lock away in the guarded castle and now she is haunted by unfamiliar past that she must come to terms with some demons from her family's past and even something to do with the King as well, and a love she was bond with by fate since beginning of time who she once used be before and that she can't forever deny. How can she ever love the King without knowing his name or will she have no choice to see blood by her own hand once more by destroy a true monster that is trying to separate her from the king and someone far much worst and dangerous than the King himself. Even it will cost her very own life. Meruemxoc, Poufxoc Story based Chimera Ants show from hunters x hunters. I respect the ship of meruem x komugi after it really break my heart after the last episode of them. and I do not also own anything of official anime characters that based on the show and expect that I only own my OC characters that all. List of mentions crossover Lost Song Hunter X Hunter And I don't not own also any of the songs based from Lost Songs or lyrics and they belong to their rightful creators.