Fated To YouFated To You

Fated To You

by ShadowPrincess96

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Love always comes with a cost.. Sometimes the cost is so huge that one can't bear the loss. And the loss can make you disgust love for a specific person... When Luna was reincarnated again as the daughter of a rich bussiness man with an aim to live her life without regrets this time, her fate destined her to meet Alex. He is the main reason of her painful scars from the past life that caused her to despise love forever... She was scared to encounter him again as she remembers the consequences of their fate from the past life. However, Alex is a mysterious person who doesn't remember a single thing from their past life but tends to keep many secrets. And the most important part is he is obsessed with her. A person, who can go beyond the boundaries to keep Luna by his side. Will this fateful encounter succeed Luna to avenge for her scars this time & go separate ways from Alex? Or destiny have already planned something else to surprise them? What it likes to loose someone precious, whom you wished to cherish forever? Something similar happened to Noah and Soo-Ha, who are the another two important leads of the story. They are also interconnected to each other as well as tangled to both Luna and Alex by the mysterious game of fate. All these four people brought together by fate, what will be the impact on their lives? Will their lives be transformed forever or they will encounter bitter truths of their existence? With the roller coaster ride of emotions, love rivals, mysteries, thrillers & twists - enjoy the story! . . This is a pure story of romantic fiction with which almost every reader can connect from heart. And it's my first novel so please go easy on me :) . ** The cover doesn't belong to me but to the rightful owner! I don't own copyright on the cover.

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