Fated To Destruction (Dropped) [refer author's announcement]
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Fated To Destruction (Dropped) [refer author's announcement]


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What is Fated To Destruction (Dropped) [refer author's announcement]

Fated To Destruction (Dropped) [refer author's announcement] is a popular web novel written by the author Everlasting_Chaos, covering ROMANCE, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SCHOOL LIFE, HARÉM, DRAMA, SLICE OF LIFE, MATURE, R-18, COMEDY, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 19.9K readers with an average rating of 4.62/5 and 56 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Izumi Kaname, a normal, honest and a bit narcissistic 18 years old boy after failing once in his life starts his high school second year in the prestigious Asuka High School. He has planned to start his new school life in the best possible way. He has decided that he will not repeat the mistakes he did in his earlier school. But after entering the school, his all plans fail. He makes new friends, new enemies and tackles his past from which he wanted to run. But in the end, fate decides everything and his is nothing but destruction.


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A promising story about harem, R-18, a slice of life in teenage age. Written in Japanese style kind of light novel. What intriguing me the most is a succubus waifu that entered mc harem in early stage 😆 Although you need some reconstructed several paragraphs, pronouns, and punctuations here and there, this is a nice kind of story. Instant library. 😋 Keep it up and write moar chappy so the readers will be happy. 😄


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Interesting story so far, on the better side compared to other stories I have read. The characters are Interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing their relationships develop. There are some flaws here and there, but as the writing progressed I can see that the author is getting better. A way to improve the story would be paying more attention to descriptions and world building, though from what I can tell so far the focus is on charaters right now which is fine. World building is just one place the story is a lacking a bit, but overall this a story with great potential and I would definitely recommend giving it a read.


Reading this made me feel like I'm reading an anime or a manga. 5 chapters in and a lot already happened. It's never boring. There is some mystery around the MC. I was instantly curious why he's repeating his 2nd year and what kind of scholarship he actually got. It lives up to its claim that the school is unique. I would have loved to know more about in the first chapters but the reason why there is isn't is because of the MC's personality. The good thing about it is that there is info dump about the setting. I don't really read harem novels so I have zero comment on that element. There's a good mix of thought and description. Scenes are easy enough to imagine--especially if you're really into anime. It really does bring out what animes embody when it comes to slice of life. There are merely some parts that I think can be better written. Putting grammar aside, I'd love more showing than telling. The part where I noticed this the most is when MC came home from his day and is narrating this girl he saw. I wasn't really into the moment because I didn't get to see it happen. I'm just being told about it. The point is some parts would have been more impactful if shown. It seemed like her introduction was so-so compared to other characters. Other than that, good luck on your future endeavors, author-san!


I dont want to say the technical stuff and it's story there, since we are having same mistake before. leave the mistake as it be there author, so people know you are progressing improving and more. overall. this book could attract you like a flower to a bees just by looking on the cover. trust me!


This story is absolutely amazing! A ravishing gem amongst others. I don't really read realistic fiction novels. But when I came across this book, I must say, it is something I definitely would read over and over again without getting bored. Story is well-paced and the characters are lovable. Author's english is nice and this gives a smooth and enjoyable experience when reading. Although there are a few errors, book is still interesting to read. Also, the author's skill at giving descriptions is excellent. Greatly interested to see where the story goes. Definitely a must read! 💯 What are u still doing reading this review? Go read once. More updatess author. 👍 ✌️


Finally, a coming-of-age story that somehow refreshed my readings in this platform - and a promising one at that. I like how the writing is paced and I'd give the author a 5/5 for characterizations. You can easily distinguish one from the other, and each chapter introduces you to one with a nice pacing. Each one leaves you curious why they behave that way. Why is Ichika that way? Why does Yamamoto act so cocky? Is Sakura another person who I should be wary of? I like these things. Thanks for this, author. And ganbari!


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You're a new author so I'll be polite because I went through this kind of mistakes in my past stories. I can say that the story is alright, the characters are okay and the world background is fine too but the grammars are bit not good. With no offense, I just that you improve your writing quality and proofread it. Still overall, it's good. And Author, keep up the good work! がんばって!


Makes me wish to be in a nice relationship. Such a marvelous and beautiful almost poetic love story. Perfect for the singles and gives great ideas for the ones who mingle.


Bro...this again?....WHAT THE F*****IS WRONG WITH YA PEOPLE!!! HAHAHAHA WHY?! HAHAHAHA GOSH!!! The story made me realise I should have just accepted my first relationship with a guy but then nah...anyway...hahahaha this story gosh...hahaha is great ya know hahaha is great and amazing 😉 somehow remind me of my self back when I was 16 and...all dont wanna talk about it and so *deep sigh* thank you again for making and sharing this story with us Im hoping to see more of this chapters to come keep going and keep up the good work and I also will trying to keep up on reading this cause every chapter really got me to the heart the heart of ma dark past AJEJEJEE HAHAHA 😘🙏😚😌💜


This story is pretty nice and the characters are interesting. It's a great read! The only thing I notice is that some sentences are a little too long. I recommend dividing some into shorter sentences for a better reading experience. Still, this one is highly recommended!


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What an interesting story... It has some mature content but I like a bit of that and the writer really seems to know how to describe people and their personalities and looks. I would recommend this book for anyone to read


My biggest issue with this is the lack of creativity. I don't mind mature anime and similar stuff, but this feels like it was ripped straight from this one harem anime where a dude goes to a fancy magic school that I watched years ago. The descriptions of the female characters were really weird, like one woman was being compared to a nuke. How is comparing a person to a weapon of mass destruction supposed to be romantic? Speaking of romance, none of the characters seem to have any chemistry with the MC, except for his mom and I found that pretty disturbing. This story is very generic imo


I really enjoyed the few chapters i read! The only thing i could point out is the way certain things are worded. I don't know it is because of the translation or something else. I read through it and it is still an amazing story!


this was the best i have ever read, never thought it would be this good, the characters are fantastic, deadly sleeping girl, teachers insulting the student........ hahahhaa it was very funny. readers you should give it a try, it will refresh your minds.


Overall a very intriguing read, the characters are interesting but the world building could use some work, it’s understandable since the story is still in it’s initial stages but Author should work on that and a few minor grammatical errors here and there. Other then that a recommended read. )


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