fated notfated not

fated not

by Vivian_Olisah

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Nathaniel Bennett, his a CEO of a multi- billion enterprise, and comes from the upper echelons of the society but just like most influencial powerful people, Nathaniel has a skeleton hiding deep down his dark closest. Lucy a struggling twenty five year old, the bread winner of her family who had lost her job and had taken a new job after meeting an old friend Anthony, who had promised to make all her problems disapper only if she do a one simply job, she must find evidence for Nate crimes and bring it to him. As simply and straight forward as the job seems, Lucy had taken the job hoping that the job was easy enough. But watching the kind hearted compassionate man, she had fallen desperately in love with, he seemed nothing like she had been anticipated. As her mission becomes a tangle of lies and desperate dreams will she be able to live with the consequences of her actions?, Or will the consequences be too high of a steak for her.

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