45 Chapter 17 | Berserk

A few hours went by and Igris opened his eyes, he saw that his father was in the water playing with the Fae's and smiled.

One of the Fae's dressed in all green, flew back and saw that Igris was watching them. He flew up to Igris and evaluated him, after a moment he said with his little fingers on his chin, "Your cultivation grew, are you done cultivating for now?"

Igris nodded his head, "Yes, I've absorbed as much as I could for now."

The little Fae nod his head, "Cultivating isn't done overnight. Your father used to do it every day so you will have to too."

Igris's eyes shone, "You knew my father right? Do you know where he is?"

The Fae looked at him sadly and shook his head, "It would have been a joyous occasion to see big brother reunite with his husband and child but sadly, your father has long since departed and journeying the world."

Igris slumped down and nodded, "Thanks."

The Fae flew up to his face and pulled Igris's hair, "Chin up! Living is such a difficult and tiring task. One day, you will meet your father, do you want to learn a secret?"

Igris smiled weakly at him and nodded his head, the Fae flew to his left ear and started whispering a secret to Igris. The more Igris listened, the stranger he felt, his smile turned into a frown and his eyes into a glare.

The Fae pulled away and looked at Igris and said, "This is between you and I not even the fairies, your parents or the other Fae's know. When the day comes, I hope you will know what to do but remember, you didn't hear this from me."

"Didn't hear what?" Queseon asked looking at the little Fae suspiciously.

The Fae shook his head and hid behind Igris. Looking at his son he said, "I see, like your father, you found yourself a partner."

Igris looked at his father confused, "A partner?"

Queseon nodded his head, "Yes, but your father's partner is a Fairy named Lancer."

Looking at the Fae Queseon asked, "Algin, have you chosen Igris as your companion?"

Algin flew out from behind Igris and looked at him. After a moment he said, "It never crossed my mind but I think we'd make a good pair."

Queseon nodded his head and said, "From today on, since my son has now started cultivating the Sun Dragon core within him, he'll be coming here to cultivate and I hope you will guide him and keep him company."

Looking at Igris he said, "Bub, a partner or companion is someone who fights by your side during battles. We are in the Blossom Valley where Fairies and Fae's live, what people outside of Blossom Valley don't know is that every one of them has a destined Fae or Fairy partner."

"Do you have a destined companion daddy?" Igris asked after he plucked Algin from the air and started poking him with his fingers.

Queseon chuckled and nodded his head, "Yes I do, her name is Galacia and she is an ice element Fairy."

"Where is she?" Igris asked as he let Algin go who grumbled and settled down in his hair.

Queseon looked around at the Fae's and said, "Galacia is on the other end of the Valley in a cave growing ice flowers."

Igris nodded his head and plucked Algin out of his hair as he asked, "What element do you cultivate?"

Algin sat up in Igris's hand as he answered, "Earth element, I help grow flowers, grass and most other vegetation."

Raising his little hand, gold dust came out of his palm and landed on Igris's arm. Soon green vines started growing on Igris and he turned into a rose bush.

Queseon and the Fae's around them started laughing but Igris wasn't amused. He ripped the vines off him and threw Algin in the air who yelped.

Queseon rolled his eyes, "Bub, he is only messing around."

Igris jumped into the water and swam around his father. Algin flew over to him but Igris hissed and used his tail to fling water at him.

Queseon shook his head and picked up his hissing son, he looked at the Fae's and said, "He'll be back tomorrow, I hope you all will look after him in my steed."

Algin nodded excited and said, "I'm going to decorate him with flowers tomorrow."

Igris h they sunk into the water then started chuckling. Queseon looked at his son and asked, "Did you have fun bub?"

Igris nodded his head, "Yes, when are you going to let me go?"

"Well definitely not now, I want you to remember this command, 'Padara mani neredzamu'," Queseon said and let his son go.

Igris looked around then back at his father and said, "I don't see a difference."

"Repeat it," Queseon said.

"Padara mani neredzamu," he repeated and felt his body buzz slightly.

He looked at his father confused and asked, "What happened?"

Queseon picked his son up and carried him like a football and swam, "It makes one invisible and its how I managed to disappear and meet your father."

Igris nodded then his eyes widened when he saw where his father was taking them. Queseon swam towards the palace and was swimming effortlessly pass all the guards without being reprimanded.

>It works!< Igris said excited.

Queseon looked down at his son and smiled, >Yes but you must never speak or the command will become void.<

They reached the throne room them Queseon swam back out and up to the surface of the water. Peeking their heads out of the water, Igris saw that they were back at the cove.

>Now that we are back here, let me show you how to return to our room,< Queseon said and swam back home.

Igris couldn't believe that his father was so sneaky.

They arrived in the room through a secret path and saw that the door to their room was open. Queseon put Igris on the bed, swam to the door and closed it.

Queseon sighed and looked at his son, >Now bub, you need to make sure that no one hears you speak the command and no one sees you while you say it. To be safe, use the

barjeras sfēra command first then the new one I taught you. While you are out cultivating your father's element…<

He stopped speaking and swam to his shelf. Flipping through a few books, he placed them in a spatial ring with scrolls and the rest of the orbs that he had to absorb.

Taking the ring off his finger, he handed it to his son and said, >Do not forget, inside you are two elements, ice cold water and scorching hot heat. In order not to go berserk, you need to balance out your schedule, half a day, for each. If you choose to start with heat, everyday needs to be started with heat, if you choose water, every day starts with water. So what is your decision?<

Igris thought hard and long while he searched through the ring and said, >I will start with heat because the sun is the highest at noon.<

Queseon smiled down at his son and nodded his head, >Soon, you will be able to fly. There are days that the sun hides in the clouds and I suggest that you fly above the clouds once you can. Again, you will need to stay silent and out of sight, for now until that day, you practice in the cove and once you are ready, I will teach you a stronger command that will hide you from supreme beings.<

Igris nodded and went over the newly taught commands.

Queseon opened his mouth, "Let's go greet your grandfather or do you want to cultivate?"

Igris looked at his father surprised and shook his head, "I don't mind doing anything. But I think I want to go over the scrolls you gave me."

Queseon nodded his head, "I'll shut the door behind me."

Leaving the room, Queseon sealed the room shut and swam a bit, when he came to the end of the hallway, he was greeted by his father and a few soldiers and Prince's Murrissey and Ecthelion, Princess Galene and Alia.

Queseon smiled at them and asked, "Can I help you all."

Emperor Cyraeneus glared at his son and asked, "Where are you coming from?"

Queseon looked over at his siblings then back at his father and said, "My son has reached the 9th stage of the Heavenly realm, he'll soon be the first stage of the Taboo realm and as congratulations, I took my son for a hunting lesson, is there a problem with that?"

"Queseon, you know Igris is not allowed to leave, so why did you take him out when you know this?" Emperor Cyraeneus asked furious.

Queseon rolled his eyes, "Father, Igris will go berserk if you do not let him out, do you know what damage that could do? You obviously haven't figured out what his father is so how can you be sure that it is safe for you if he is locked up? Wasn't it enough that you humiliated my son and I that you will continue humiliating us? Just let us leave or move us else where."

"Why would I when you will endanger me?" Emperor Cyraeneus asked through gritted teeth.

Queseon shrugged, "I was going to remove the mark but since you don't want to let us go, it won't matter."

"Queseon, you've really gotten bold over the years haven't you," Emperor Cyraeneus stated.

"I have no reason to hold back any more," Queseon answered lazily.


Many days went by and Queseon was back to teaching. He accepted the terms and conditions because he needed to keep everyone's eyes off of his son.

Igris enjoyed his time out of water with his new best friend Algin.

Algin was busy decorating Igris with blue roses that matched his eyes and white forget-me-nots in his black braided hair.

As he went on to decorating the cultivating dragon, Algin saw that Igris had a look of discomfort of his face and frowned. Soon black liquid came gushing out of his mouth and he fell back against the grass.

His body started spazzing uncontrollably frightening little Algin.

The Fae's and fairies that were around, could feel the violent surge within Igris's body and came over. They knew very well who he was and started on stabilizing his core.

Emperor Cyraeneus who was before the royals addressing them on changes in the kingdom, froze mid-sentence, lunged over and spewed blood all over the floor.

The royals gasped frightened and chaos immediately erupted.

Prince Murrissay rushed over to his father but Emperor Cyraeneus held his hand stopping him from coming forward.

"Father, what is the meaning of this?" Prince Murrissay asked confused.

Emperor Cyraeneus looked up at his son and said, "Go find Igris, his cultivation is going berserk."


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