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9 years ago

"Destiny move along, my child, it's chaotic out here!"

"I'm coming, mom!"

The wind was howling, blowing at the trees, making them sway in all sorts of directions. The strong gusts were complemented with the kind of rain that danced on the streets. Branches were crash landing onto the floor. Cars desperately pushed through the wind, trying to get home and away from the downpour. Leaves were rapidly falling, covering the cement in dead and faded autumn colours.

While mom worried about the storm, I admired it.

I admired the chaos.

It was beautiful.

My admiration was cut short when my mom grips me by the arm, pulling me in front of her, shoving me into a shop that read "Psychic," mounted on the wall in a glowing purple colour. Much opposite to the colours I had preferred when we were outside.

Isn't it so strange that autumn is so beautiful, yet everything is dying?

I always loved the idea of fall.

It's like a second spring.

A chance for every leaf to be a flower.

Once we were inside, mom immediately began to dust off all the leaves clinging onto her knee-length trench coat, simultaneously trying to tame the nest on her head, she called her hair. I had no doubt that I looked just as crazy.

Once she realized there was no more she can do to make herself look anymore decent, she moved on to me. Boy, there was work to be made, and in that moment, I couldn't care less.

I scanned my eyes across the perfectly squared room.

It gave off a very vintage vibe.

Wooden walls and all kinds of knickknacks stored neatly behind the see-through glass. I continued analyzing the room until my eyes landed on two ladies staring worriedly at us. At first glance, I could already tell they were related. Mother and daughter, just like their two unexpected guests.

My mother and I.

"It's crazy out there, huh?" The short old lady points out.

"Tell me about it," mother laughs nervously.

"What were you ladies doing out in the wind storm?" The younger lady asks, stepping closer.

"We were on our daily nature walk!" I proudly exclaim.

The lady laughs, eating away at the silence that was slowly closing in on us. She sent friendly and welcoming vibrations through the room. Almost like she was relieved to see us.

To see me?

"Come in, come in, you can't go back out there, especially now."

"She's right." Her mother proceeded next to the lady. "I'm Mrs. Knight."

My mother took one step forward and shook the nice lady's hand.

"Marissa." Her daughter spoke, taking mother's hand right after.

"I'm Beatrice and this is my daughter, Destiny."

Mrs. Knight and Marissa turn to each other with amusement and confusion.

Marissa bends down to my level. "How old might you be sweetie?" she whispers softly, all teary-eyed.

"I'm 9 years old," I respond quietly and in confusion.

Why was this woman upset?

"Marissa, take her mother to the back and make her some coffee, will you?"

"Hot cocoa for me please!"

"Oh, no, no, please, it's fine, you're already having us stay here in your shop. We don't want to bother you any more than we already have," mother interrupts.

She's always been the one to make kind gestures and never expect anything in return.

"Nonsense, it really is no trouble. Come on, now," Marissa stands upright and heads to the back, taking my mother with her.

And then there were two.

"Follow me, sweetheart," Mrs. Knight invites.

The two women had made a great first impression on me. They were kind and welcoming. She and her daughter showed nothing but kindness towards my mother and me.

I follow closely behind Mrs. Knight as she heads for a small round table, covered in soft purple silk with golden trims around the edges. I then take a seat on what seemed to be a comfy looking chair.

I examine the cards that were scattered on the table, surrounded by a bunch of objects I did not understand.

There was a glass ball in the middle of it all. I pick up the one thing that wasn't foreign to me. A pen. Crazy, I know, but I was obsessed with pens. I had a tiny collection back at home, sitting in a mason jar on my desk.

"You like that? Mrs. Knight smiled.

With no hesitation, I answered. "I do."

"Well, then it's all yours."

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"Oh god, I love that story. Tell me again!" Saffron squeals.

"Girls, this is a library!"

"Sorry, Miss," I apologize on behalf of my best friend.

Saffron Hayes.

She and I were best friends for as long as I could remember. Since we were eight, actually. Our parents became great friends and introduced us at an early age. We were young and never understood what was going on. At that age, all I knew was not a single shed of tears, left my eyes when she took a bite out of my Nutella sandwich.

To this day, she's the only one I'd share my jar with.

Time really does fly. We recently turned eighteen, summer has just ended, and now we'll continue to face our last year in high school as seniors.

"It's not a story, Saffron. It's the real deal," I giggle. "We're going to visit Mrs. Knight, you can ask to hear her perspective," I roll my eyes playfully.

That night we left Psychic, the only thing I wanted to do was go back. I loved the hot cocoa, and really? I just loved the presence of Marissa and Mrs. Knight.

Ever since then, my mom would take me to Psychic after our daily nature walks until I was eventually old enough to go there on my own. Even then, she'd drop by for a few visits. Over the years, her friendship with Marissa and Mrs. Knight grew. It was a mutual thing between my mom and me.

Although, we haven't seen Marissa in years.

Mrs. Knight had informed us that she went away on a business trip but kindly left me with a beautiful necklace. I wear it every day, remembering Marissa's words. "This is my thank you, Destiny. I am forever indebted to you." And to this day, I don't know what she meant.

"I'll never get tired of hearing it."

So help me God, here come the endless questions.

"Like why the hell was Marissa all teary-eyed and emotional when she saw you?! Why'd they act like they knew you were coming?! Hell, why'd they seem so worried and relieved at the same time?! And what is up with this pen?!" She questions, snatching the pen I didn't even know I was holding.

"It's just a pen," I say, grabbing it back. "Scratch that, it's my favourite pen."

"Whatever," she circulated.

We start to gather our belongings before we finally decide to stand up and do what we came to do.

"You think we'll get a hand full of classes together?" I question hopefully.

"We always do," Saffron reassures.

The only reason we came here before the actual first day of school, was because we were sent an email, demanding that we show up to pick up our schedules and locker numbers. Of course, this was done in an orderly fashion. Saffron and I just happen to be scheduled at the same time of day, so we drove down together.

"My locker number is 8110," I tell her, and she looks at me with wide eyes.


Her expression says it all. Why am I not surprised? Since freshman year, not once were we blessed with the chance to be locker neighbours. I guess it's the price we paid for the classes we shared.

"Mine is nowhere near yours."

I jinxed it.

"Meet back here in a bit?"

And with that, she was gone. Sighing, I walk towards where I knew my locker was going to be, having memorized the numbers.

Wow, I actually pay attention to this stuff?

8110. I turn the paper over to reveal my combination, 25 16—

Before I could read the last number, the air was knocked right out of my chest, causing me to fall backwards roughly. I cough in pain and hold my head simultaneously.

What the heck?

I wasn't holding too many things, but this strong encounter knocked me off balance, making me drop my phone and papers. "Hey!" I shout, looking up at the hooded figure.

It might've just been me, but the moment we collided, I felt the weirdest shock of— of, huh.

I don't know.

"Look up from your papers some time."

The voice came from a male. He spoke out harsh but soft. Well, excuse me. We were both at fault. We were both not paying attention.

"Take that hoodie off some time," I fire back, annoyed and with frustration.

I get on my knees and collect all my things from the ground before I storm right past him.

"You gonna take your pen, or what?"

I stop, dead in my tracks and look down at the top of my papers where my pen usually clipped on to.

It wasn't there.

"Okay well, it is just a pen," he proclaimed.

Without thinking twice, I turn to face him, only to find that he had actually brought his hoodie down, revealing a clear view of his face.

Eyes were always the first thing I noticed about a person, and his? They were a deep ocean blue with an obvious hint of green. His hair was a mess due to the hoodie, but you can tell that he had recently ran his fingers through it.

There was something about this guy. An emotion in his eyes. The vibe he broadcasted around himself was strong. I felt it when he bumped into me. I feel it when he looks at me.

Damn, it's all too—


I snap myself back to reality when I realize that he was already reaching my pen out towards me. Seeing that he took my advice about the hoodie, I return the favour and slowly trot towards him with my head out of my papers, analyzing him, reaching for my pen.

"Thank you," I nod, quickly turning away.

I continue to walk down the hall, in search for my locker, never looking back.

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