Fate of the Cursed One
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Fate of the Cursed One


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What is Fate of the Cursed One

Read Fate of the Cursed One novel written by the author lon_okami on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, harem, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A boy, whom even the grace of nature had abandoned, strived to survive in the world. Existing as an anomaly, that even he couldn’t consider himself a human anymore. Asking the question, who he was and what his purpose was in the accursed world, which after all, had no place for a person like, he continued to spend his days with the coldness in his heart. Until one day, by the twist of fate, a noble family takes him in after a really terrible accident and starts to look after him. Was that a sign of his cursed fate was finally changing? Or was it the start of a completely new life for him with unknown twists waiting for him? Will he finally understand what his purpose was? ... Discord: lon_okami#9417 Join my Discord Server https://discord.gg/QXshWHNcxm

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This is an author's note. So I was looking forward to writing this for quite some time. Also this is second piece of work so I hope that I've improved a bit since last time. I would appreciate every small criticism or appraisal you guys can give me since it help authors like us a lot 🌸


So I'll be a hypocrite here... My fev author... so giving a review without reading... I know it's bad ... but that's why i kept it from 5 star... why !?? cz i don't know the story development and world background... so going in blind here .. I believe he'll do an awesome job just like his other one... so I'll be here even if it's maybe? bad ...😜😜


Ok so since I've already read one work from this author, I knew this one was gonna be good too. Also, the cover was really great, it gave LN vibes. As for the writing, it's descriptive as usual and the character interactions feel quite natural and fluid. I'm looking forward to what is going to happen in the story as the MC reminds me of a certain anime character


Was really intrigued by the first few chaps and the way the author has put his thoughts into words. The synopsis caught me at the very first sight so I'm hoping for a good story coming ahead. The writing quality is not bad either, better than I expected.


Reveal spoiler


Mind blowing up vako thiyo ta truck stop garaidinu parney xa ni no Kuni I am very proud of you for the great opportunity to get well soon sail on the occasion


Writer-sannn~ or author-san- The first novel which was written by you was fascinating and I would say the same for this . The first chapter was really interesting so I look forward in all those mysteries to be revealed (人*´∀`)。*゚+ keep on the good or should I say GRAND work .




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