1 First met and been protected

There was a boy name Yamamoto Syota. This boy has been lost by his parents at a young age and has been send to the orphanage. Unfortunately , syota was bullied everyday from the bullies in the orphanage , but he tried to endure it until one day his family will come and find him.

One day , a girl from a rich family came to visit the orphanage with her family. At that time syota was sitting on the bench feeling lonely cause he has no friends in the orphanage so she went to him and started chatting with him and said " Hi nice to meet you ! This is my first time coming here , would you mind showing me around here?".

At that moment Syota is quite shock because someone came to chat with him and said " Hey nice to meet you too... , my name is Yamamoto Syota , what is your name ?". So the girl reply him and said " Oh , My name is Manaka Yuki , you can call me Yuki !",

Slowly, both of them began to get more and more familiar with each other, and even Yuki began to come to the orphanage every day to visit Syota. One day, Yuki saw some of the orphans beside the door and tried to bullied him, but he did not dare to resist it.

Then, Yuki immediately ran to the bullies and protects Syota and resists the orphans and said "How could you bully Syota like this? Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? Get out of the way, no one can bully him, as long as I live here for a day."

Suddenly someone came and stand infront of them!! It's the keeper that take care of the orphanage ,everyone called her Miss Shizuku .She saw Syota and Yuki been bullied by those kids and scolded them and grounded them in their room while Yuki are sitting beside the bench with Syota. Syota hands and legs are all hurted.

Miss Shizuku felt quite worried and said "Are you alright?Come with me to my office both of you ,tell me all the truth."So Yuki and Syota follow her to the office and told her about the incident that happen just now. Miss Shizuku helped Syota to bandage his wound.After that, she bring him to the room to rest.Yuki felt quite worried to see him like that laying on the bed,and she went back home.

The next weekend,Yuki came to the orphange to visit Syota,she bring a lot of items for helping him to take care of himself,like something to lend him an arms.The both of them laughted together,they don't even know how to use this things ,and Syota said "Why did you bring all of this ! I don't really need it..., haha….". Then Yuki said "I bring all of this is to help you to protect yourself and cure your wound. I scared you will get bullied again by the others.I am worried about you." Syota said " Is fine they won't bullied me again, don't worry Yuki I won't let them bullied me ever again!".

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