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What is Fate/Doom

Fate/Doom is a popular fanfic written by the author The_High_Father, covering FATE, THEGAMER, ANTIHERO, REINCARNATION, ADVENTURE, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.18/5 and 51 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 59 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Someone suffered a mental breakdown and did many heinous things before killing himself, unless he imagined that his other life would be just a new life with some additions.


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I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review. Webnovel is my body, exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to sleep, nor known to reality. I have withstood Cliff-Kun to create many reviews. Yet, these hands will never hold anything. So, as I pray ... Unlimited Exp Works!


It's me, author, giving myself 5 stars because I want my 5 stars!!!!🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I know, just to say, I will write this just for fun, not for the sake of writing.


If you want to waste time you can read this forced plot novel he goes to Fate world but during the war he lets the nastiest most evil worm live just for plot the supposedly smart mc has chuni calls himself doom for some reason he gets his servant who he supposedly cared for die, he plans to escape but didn't use stat points just for more plot this is such a waste I can never understand "smart" mcs cause I've never read any actual smart mc all of them have dumb moments but this one lives without a brain


Writing Quality [3] - I don't think I need to explain why. I see some grammatical errors and wrong use of commas. Not to mention that the Author capitalizes words in the middle of sentences that aren't meant to be capitalized, while he doesn't capitalized the ones meant to be. Stability of Updating [4] - I can't say it was very fast, but it wasn't exactly slow either, so good job I guess? Story Development [2] - Besides the main plot of the canon, the personal ones aren't good at all. I'd say below average or even just average itself. It's just basically the MC being stupid and doing idiotic things that the author tries to justify himself in the paragraph comments as I observed. Character Design [2] - What else can I say about the main character? Oh I know, a hypocrite murderer with so called "morals." Although the beginning of the story was confusing, it was quite apparent that he killed the wife of his sister's murderer who was INNOCENT and killed his bullies as well as the politician himself which is quite understandable considering his situation. But then when Gilgamesh wanted to kill innocent people, he acts like a hypocrite and tries to reason with him that they were innocent? Spoke like a true hypocrite. He acts as if he's meant to save the world and condemns evil but the real one is him. World Background [4] - World background, there's really nothing much to say about this considering that it was a bit detailed but there are some pretty stupid things too but the author does miss some things. Overall Thoughts - Hands down, one of the worst Fate Fanfic I've read, if not the worst. I've seen a lot of worse ones with worse attitude and more grammatical errors, but this won the spot as the first mainly because of the author and the main character. First lets focus on the MC. The beginning chapter showed the backstory for him and how he ended up reincarnating. What kind of parents or sibling would let a 12 year old girl buy groceries at night?? He wasn't even responsible enough to do it himself, and he should have expected this to happen, maybe even something worse might happen and the sister gets kidnapped and used for child trafficking or worse. Then we move on to his hypocrisy where he kills the politician's wife who killed his sister. There was no statement that she wasn't innocent, and he just suddenly barged into their home and knocked their daughter and killed the wife. Understandably he kills his bullies and the politician himself, but why did he kill the innocent wife? Maybe because he was mentally unstable, but then we move on to the scene where Gilgamesh wants to kill innocent people and the MC tries to "reason" with him since they're so innocent. What hypocrisy, the author stated to me in a paragraph comment that he did that because it was connected to the MC and he didn't want that to happen. So does that mean that the innocent woman he murdered wasn't connected? He even acts so conceited and nothing like a psychopathic murderer that he is in his past life. He just became obviously stupid to the point that he doesn't even use his statistical points to fight Gilgamesh which led to Medea's death. And then like an average-joe of a main character he is, he swears revenge and swears an oath to the nine heavens to take his revenge! (Jk lol) Then we get to the point where he rescues Sakura and is apparently disgusted by the worms. He kills the person who adopted her which was nice but then he discovers more of those worms and decides to keep them because it might help him. Hypocrisy to the max am I right? MC: Wow the worms are so disgusting, I hope Sakura is still virgin. 5 mins later. MC: Wow this looks disgusting, I'll use it. Also he's so cringe with the "I, Victor von Doom" thing like wtf lmao. I'm already thinking if the author himself is a chuunibyou lol. The author wasn't good because he doesn't even explain things in the story and does illogical things as he explains instead in comments lol.


A good fanfic, comparing to the other one, this is so much better, a smart mc, not op from the beginning, he also not a hero but also not so bad.


Terrible language, and stupid mc. But the starting chapters ok .............................................................................


Author's grammar is a absolutely worst, i dont know if he used translator. I suggest author should try using Grammarly. But if you can bear with a few bit horrible grammar mistakes, then you should try to read this. The story is quite good, while everything made really simple, like the fight scene is just well yeah not bad. There are a lot of plot holes here and there. MC can literally survive from Gilgamesh if he decided to use all of his points, but he just like "I will save it for later because Medea (his servant) needs a lot of mana to sustain." And in the end, his stupidity cost him the sole reason to save points. And when he did use them, he still save A LOT of points just because he want to gain stat points by training early on. A lot of forced plot for MC, when I said 'forced' yeah its totally forced in a bad way just to make MC got a little, very little character developement. The reason why I gave this story a decent rating, its just because 1. He is in Fateverse, 2. He got Medea, 3. Mc will be strong really fast, 4. Despite a lot of shortcomings from MC personality I still kinda like him because he is not a beta MC.


if you read this trash then why are you even living lol ? teenage drama with 0 grammar. Dumb Mc who always contradicts with himself (doing opposite he says). ı ve seen smarter children than him


Grammar 0 Mc ALWAYS coincides with himself. He says smth then does the opposite. He acts like a anti-hero, he goes full saint. He gives up so many good opportunities i can'T even count. Again grammar 0


This story starts out really interesting with a great main character, however the further it goes the less interesting it becomes, and even the main character loses all personality.


This is a wonderful novel I hope most of the reader will find this interesting and enjoyable. Author is very active in comments section so most of the reader will be able to interact with him and satisfy their curiosity while reading.


So far the story is quite good and makes sense. There are no characters that appear suddenly, and there is no change in the nature of the MC. The release is also stable. At least one chapter per day (maybe) So, yeah, this is a good story!


The concept is okay, it’s not unique and can be found multiple times throughout other fanfics, but it’s not bad and could have been enjoyable. Yes you read it correctly, Could have been, because the story itself is painful to read. I literally got a headache trying to read this story due to the grammar and writing itself being near illegible. The authors is missing punctuations (commas, periods, semicolons, etc), merges two or three paragraphs together to create a mega paragraph, and creates run on sentence like no tomorrow. If you can ignore these poor qualities of the story then you’ll probably enjoy it. Also if the author is reading this, I recommend you find yourself an editor. Let it be another person or an app that could assist you but find one. Your viewers will be grateful and you might even get an influx of people to enjoy your story.


YO EL GRAN REY DE LOS HÉROES GILGAMESH reclamo que esta novela debe estar en mis Puertas de Babilonia. Es una gran historia continua con el buen trabajo


Worse Fate fanfiction I've ever read. Good thing it was "finished" aka dropped because this is a disgrace to other fate fanfics out there. gg


I'ts a good fan fic, but the grammar is too bad. I't drags the entire novel down. Makes it hard to read and is a huge turn off especially when it makes all the characters sound like 10 year old children trying to use big words. the writer needs to fix his grammar before I can even consider reading more of it.


And look at me to forget to write a review for a good fanfric. The first point about this fanfric is that it is complete. The number of fully completed fanfric that I heard or seen can be counted in one hand. Next thought the story is short it is sweet. And the MC is not a stupid character!!! One of the important point. And thankfully this novel did not became an 18+ and spoil the story with too many girls!!!


A fitting end for a boring character. P. S. Maybe try out evolution novel with non-human mc? Because you ability development and actions-decent. And you can keep interactions and drama to a minimum.


Truly the most well made si/oc fate fanfiction I have ever seen, and just one of the best fic I have ever read. The system is kinda broken after some time but so are the challenges. Thanks for the regular updates and the entertainement. Here take my stones (*throw a stone at you*).




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