Reincarnated in the age of the legendary King Arthur, in the dangerous, unknown and hectic world of Fate no less, Aston knew not what drove him to join the King in his, no, her cause.. What had driven him to join her Round Table of Knights? Was it his inability to look away and think solely for himself? Was it the indescribable urge to do something about the unimaginable suffering of the common man? Was it lust for his king? Was it a desire for fame and glory? His ambitions? Aston had fought, killed, suffered, been betrayed, helped, saved, waged war and so much more.. To the point where he'd forgotten the naive him of the past, forgotten what he fought for and perhaps desperately clung to his loyalty to the Legendary King of Camelot. Even as others left, he did not.. Aston remained his king's loyal spear, up until his last breath, his weapon was used to do as his king willed even if he'd long realised it would end with his own death... Now, appearing in a modern age he'd all but forgotten, in a war against his own king, would he cling to the loyalties of a life ended or would he act upon his realisations and in doing so, abandon all he'd stood for? * * * A bit of clarification, this fic is NOT set in the age of King Arthur, it's about a young teenager who reincarnated there and acted on naive thoughts and went too deep to back out once that part of him died off.. The story is set in the 21st century, in the Fate/Stay Night world. * * * Please don't copy/share or translate this. * * * If you want, you can support me and find up to 7 chapters ahead at patre0n.com/Bleap

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Manmade Monster

Bazett closed her eyes in an attempt to somewhat dull the sudden influx of information from her vision shifting once again. She put both hands behind her back and put on a stern expression, intent on scrutinising whatever went on for hidden details.

King Arthur, she had more than a few things to that person now but was willing to withhold judgement until this was over.

This time she'd found herself standing in grassy plains and crop fields, near a small stone house one would generally find a farmer living in. It was enclosed by a tall wooden fence and had a small section left open to provide access.

A light breeze wafted through the landscape and the sky was blue, with only a few clouds in sight, pleasant sunlight illuminated her surroundings creating a rather calming atmosphere.

Aston, well this seemed to be a memory from his younger days seeing as his hair was still red, only slightly grey from the back. The scar on his face still being there told Bazett that the man was telling her the truth when they talked about it.

He sat against the fence, throwing stones into the distance with a thoughtful expression on his face.

What surprised her though, was the man leaning against the fence right next to him, arms crossed and sword at his side despite them being in plain clothes.

"Aston, you need to speak up about this. How come you simply allow them to continue tarnishing your reputation in such a way?" The unidentified knight voiced his frustration, staring down at the smirking Aston with an apprehensive gaze.

Was it just her or did he bear an almost shocking resemblance to the knight who killed Gareth?

It became apparent that it was the same person with Aston's reply.

"It makes sense does it not? If the knights of King Arthur are feared and loved, they'll be more respected. Of course I'm the one that's to assure the former." Aston only shrugged, blowing his companion off disinterestedly, "It's going to make ruling easier, you just have to put me out there and they'll listen."

"But do you not realise that it will have you shunned and feared? They will respect you but not out of love, even after all you have done and continue to do. My friend, why must you go that far?" The knight seemed to get more and more animated as he spoke, visibly dissatisfied with Aston's acceptance of the situation.

"Lancelot, relax." Aston tapped his knee lightly, making the man stop and release a long sigh, "Merlin doesn't seem to be listening to me and it's not like it's gonna be that bad." He didn't do what he did to be rewarded for it, that just meant his compassion was just a pathetic mask over someone desperate for approval.

Bazett pursed her lips, making sense of the situation.

Her servant hadn't become a slaughterer, he was made into one.

His reputation had been purposely designed to be the 'Knight of Atrocity' who tortured, destroyed and committed atrocities with not a shred of hesitation but rather, complete ruthlessness.

"How much will you give up before you realise it's too much?" Lancelot closed his eyes, averting his gaze. He understood that it didn't matter what he said here, perhaps they had something on Aston and he was being forced into it.

The truth was, he could see the logic in having such a reputation but still, it wasn't something many could do.

To be shunned and hated by all just so others could shine brighter.

Not many could do something like that but then again, maybe that was why all the knights of the round table respected the Knight of Atrocity.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Witnessing this, Bazett felt her servant was even inhuman in his compassion.

How could anyone do this much for their people?

Be knowingly hated forevermore for their sacrifices, never be loved or respected by any.

Commit atrocities that they would carry forevermore in their hearts just so the masses may prosper and the King may rule without trouble.

Bazett Fraga McRemitz accepted that her servant was indeed a Heroic Spirit.

"H-Hello, s...sir!"

Aston stared at a young boyish girl with short golden hair saluting as her figure trembled, a few beads of sweat ran down her forehead and heavy blush, possibly from being worked up, crept onto her cheeks, "I swear to God, I'm never owing any magi a favour ever again. That woman keeps sending me her children, is she actually picking a fight?"

In the time Bazett had spent thinking, a young girl had run up to the two legendary knights and saluted the sitting Knight of Atrocity who was somehow, despite being seated the same height as her.

"What's your name, kid?"


"Hahahaha.." For some reason, Lancelot burst out laughing at the situation, both hands over his stomach, here he was thinking no one would ever admire his dear friend soon enough but here they were, the man already had a new squire, "Good luck training up knights." He slapped Aston's back before leaving for the nearby stables, "I'll be off!"

"Oi, cunt! You could help me out!"

"I refuse!"

Aston just sighed, looking back at the now frozen young girl, "Gareth, what sort of weapon do you want to use?" This would be pivotal to whether or not he would say no or actually train her.


"...Hey, someone has a brain. Good choice." He gave her a thumbs up, smiling in approval. The spear was the best weapon in terms of reach and convenience.

Gareth paused for a moment before slowly nodding her small head, "Thank you." Her visage seemed to brighten up at the compliment, conveying her feelings on the matter to any observing the situation.

Bazett could only shake her head in pity, it had been his student that died. No wonder the man had genuinely teared up.

This was actually fucked up.

His best friend had killed his student and then he had maybe killed said best friend all because others couldn't have him living as he wanted to.

He got a reputation for being a monster, got employed by political opponents in their schemes and was punished for being loyal to his King and his people.

Her vision shifted again, this time to a small clearing in the middle of grassy plains.

Aston seemed to be fighting against Gareth, both of them using wooden poles as substitutes for spears during their spar.

It ended as expected, with the Knight of Atrocity using the butt of his weapon to push his squire's aside before smashing it's head into her chest making the girl stumble back coughing as she gasped for air.

"You can't just be conventional in actual combat." He got that they were knights but it would be plenty idiotic for a knight to die just because he didn't shatter someone's kneecap when he had the chance to, "Use your head."

Bazett couldn't help but giggle when Gareth ended up taking that literally and shakingly walked up to Aston before grabbing him by either shoulder confusing the Knight of Atrocity who found himself short on air when his squire proceeded to straight up smashed her head into his chest, "Moth-"

"Ow ow ow ow.." Gareth rubbed her head, wincing in pain as she backed away making Aston chuckle at her actions, letting go of his surprise entirely. It certainly was one unique way to use your head.

Bazett went through scenes of the two going through battles, more spars, practising, teaching sessions regarding etiquette and the likes a proper knight was expected to have. She even went through a scene where Aston and the Knight of the Sun, Gawain duelled shouting about someone being more precious? She didn't understand that one to be honest.

It was strange to see so many pivotal moments from her servant's life with her own two eyes.

One event in particular however, stuck with her abnormally, burning itself into her mind.

"Good job Gareth, you're a knight now."


It was the sight of Aston knighting his squire who cried like a child as her teacher ruffled her hair, smiling proudly at her armoured figure.

It reminded her of when he'd cried upon her sad fate.

Before she could do anything within the dream however, Bazett was roughly pulled from it and found herself staring at the familiar bright ceiling of her hotel room, lying in bed with her clothes dishevelled and her eyes wide.

She'd seen so much of Aston's life, had he seen the same?

Wait nevermind, if sleeping was a prerequisite then he hadn't. It wasn't hard to figure out that the servant had probably spent the entire night out and about, maybe with his dear king.

"Tsk." She clicked her tongue annoyed, "Some king."

King Arthur had used a knight who would have done anything for her so wrongly.

Made him the Knight of Atrocity, branded him a ruthless monster with only slaughter on his mind, made him into someone shunned and feared by the masses, cost him his very self.

What sort of twisted love was that?

How could she put him through so much and claim she held the man dear?

Bazett couldn't accept that the King, in all her endless power, couldn't have done something about his poor reputation, ordered Merlin off it instead of employing it to further her nation.

Use him in such a way 'for the people'.

Tears... Her tears weren't enough to wash all of that away.

Bazett sat up, staring down in slight frustration.

It probably wasn't her place to say this but Arthur, King Arthur was not a good person, or even someone deserving of Aston's loyalty.

Why then did Aston accept such a thing?

* * *

Bazett's opinion is only one she has the luxury of having as a resident of the 21st Century. Artoria and Aston come from a very different time period and even Aston understood the necessity of what they had to do to ensure that Britain prospered.

By there being something to fear instead of completely respect and hail as unapproachable, he somewhat hoped to avoid the ending Britain would have. Merlin used his feelings of wanting to protect to ensure that all went as it needed to.

* * *

Does Aston deserve to be a servant?

* * *

Does Lancelot get off scot-free for killing Gareth?

* * *

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* * *

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