17 [Vengeance]


Chapter 17 [Vengeance]

By theMadLad

After the discovery of his capabilities to use 'Reflection' Icarus decided to take his time to explore it steadily and practice slowly.

He thought of how he should use it going forward, and had some ideas like how he decided to eventually set up a place to start glass production to help further experimentation later in the future.

But that was still a ways away, so Icarus chose to continue making more of his different arrows and gadgets.

Using his new ability to reflect enchantments, he could now mass produce arrows for him to use, allowing him to instead spend more time training or coming up with new ideas of things to make.


"Hehe…" It was already evening as Icarus chuckled to himself darkly, causing the other campers to look up at him warily.

They watched in silence as he started crafting a strange shaped blade…? It was a single piece of wood with which he used magic to carve a sharp edge on one side but dull on the other to use as a grip with.

Feeling dissatisfied Icarus also added in another blade in the middle sticking out.

He then started adding some wings to incorporate into the design until it came together in what could be described as a wing shaped boomerang with a sharp edge and another blade in the center sticking out from both ends.

"…what in Hades is he doing?" Jason whispered to the group as much as he did to himself.

"You askin' me?" Heracles responded with a shrug as Pollux snorted, "Like I would know what's going on in the brain of a buffoon."

"A buffoon that beat you, hehe." Jason snickered to the side.

"…Jason shut up." Castor spoke with a heated glare that caused Jason to wilt at light speed, "Shutting up."

Soon after finishing, Icarus ran away with the strange item and disappeared for a few minutes while the rest shrugged and continued their own activities.

It was only a faint laughter that drew their attention to the treeline they curiously looked over only to Atalanta of all people laughing behind a tree. Although they had never really interacted much with the stoic little girl they were still very interested in what could make her giggle.

Slowly sneaking over while carefully trying not to stumble over each other, they managed to reach behind the same tree as Atlanta before stacking over each other to look out from the side.

Successfully making it to their destination with nothing but a glare from Atalanta which they promptly ignored, only to come face to face with….

Icarus? He was standing in the shadows of a clearing with a large hide draped behind him alongside a stack of those strange weapons he made earlier.

They watched speechlessly as Icarus began monologuing to himself while draping one part of the hide over his arm while hiding behind it in order to further put himself in the shadows.

"There's got to be some reason he's doing it, I mean Icarus doesn't seem to do things without reason." Heracles spoke up with a finger raised but before they could respond, Icarus started speaking again, snapping up their undivided attention.

"I am vengeance, I am the night!" Icarus then proceeded to do an exaggerated and fancy roll while throwing the weapons he made towards the tree with a dramatic fashion.

The weapons struck the tree, embedding themselves within before exploding with force, imploding parts of the tree from within as Icarus finished his roll, landing in a strange pose, crouched on both legs with his fist to the ground and his other out in the air along with the hid draping with it.

The campers watching slowly backed away from the tree in order to gather their thoughts.

"…Or not." Heracle spoke first after watching the display, finishing his previous remark while slowly lowering the finger he had raised prior.

"Other than those stupid line…it was kinda cool." Jason spoke his thoughts as the others gave off grunts of faint agreement while Atalanta seemed to giggle harder.

They all looked to each other before coming to an agreement with smirks on their faces,

""""Let's go make fun of him!""""


Icarus stood with the stack of batarangs—birdarangs as he was not a bat and did desire a sick pair of wings to fly with eventually.

He had had the idea come to him suddenly while with the other campers and quickly got to work bringing it to fruition, carving it out wood before rushing off to the lake to make more while enchanting it.

He felt silly but also pretty cool as he pretended to be Batman while throwing his own Icarus brand batarangs with positive results.

He was about to do it again when the sound of foliage parting took away his attention. He felt his face pale a smidge as his fellow heroes in training walked out.

Jason was the first one to speak as he walked out with a mocking grin, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the one and only Mr….Vengeance."

Heracles gave an exaggerated gasp as a hand darted to his mouth, "It can't be! The one said to be the night itself, Mr. Vengeance?!"

The others started rolling on the ground laughing as Atalanta seemed to struggle to breathe.

"Hahaha! Can I also be the night?" Pollux giggled as Castor replied, "Only if you also become vengeance as well!" Causing them all to start laughing again while Atalanta just started coughing from the lack of air.

They turned towards Icarus in order to see his reaction, coming up disappointed at first until they smirked as they caught sight of the faint blush on his cheeks.

Icarus hmphed before arrogantly turning his head upwards and speaking in a strange accent, "You wish to be the night? You think darkness is your ally? You've merely adopted the darkness, I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light til I was already a man…" The group was almost choking trying to hold in their laughter as Icarus reached for a pouch before throwing it at them, "and by then it was nothing to me but blinding!" He yelled as the pouch exploded in light, blinding their eyes as Icarus ran away in embarrassment.

"Ah fuck, my eyes!" Jason droned in pain as he hit the floor while the rest of them just rubbed their eyes as they looked at each other with blurred eyes before breaking out in laughter once more.

"Hahahah! Born in the darkness!" Heracles laughed.

"Already a man? Haha!" Pollux giggled before Jason interrupted with a louder laugh, "Haha! His balls haven't even dropped yet!"

Icarus rushed to Asclepius, the only friend who hadn't seen him acting all chuuni to his shame.

His heart was pounding and he could feel the blush on his cheeks before suddenly stopping himself and slapping them with his hands.

Embarrassed, how could he be embarrassed!

"That's it! I'm still not shameless enough! Embarrassed? If I was shameless enough, it wouldn't be me who was embarrassed, it would be everyone else who was embarrassed!" He affirmed, as a fist hit his palm in agreement.

"…Now time to ask Asclepius about the viability of doing the Uberman sleep schedule…" Icarus murmured to himself as he left towards Asclepius' cabin.

Chiron who was watching from the shadows as everything unfolded was speechless.


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