61 Oblivious Puppy

The door to Emilié's room opened and Aria rushed inside the room.

"Milié! You have to check this out! We have hot water that we can use longer than for 15 minutes!" He yelled astonished and giddy of joy, his hair were still wet from the shower he took.

Aria was in relaxation mode showing it with his comfortable clothes of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt printed with 'lazy puppy' on it.

He was letting loose and enjoying every second of his newly acquired freedom away from Sera.

However, it was not Emilié that greeted his sudden entrance with an uncharitable glare, rather it was a mess.

Literally a mess.

The suitcases that were delivered beforehand were wide open and all of the clothes and other luggages were littered everywhere on the ground.

Aria took the mess in, but there was no trace of Emilié.

"Owwwkey...am I in the right room?" Aria raised a brow and walked backwards a few steps past the door frame, looking at the sign next to the door. "Blue Scorpion Grass. Yep, right room." He nodded.

"Hmm." He shuffled back inside. "I always knew you're a messy girl. But girl, in an hour! Seriously! Even I need a week for this much of mess."

He did not question Emilié's absence, since she was a big girl able to take care of herself.

Rather, would it be better if someone looked after Aria, looking out that he doesn't do stupid things causing problems.

Because he does that sometimes.


Just like right now...

Aria was about to return back to his room, when he saw sanitary pads laying exposed for anybody coming in to this room to see.

"Holly fudging choc-!" He held his curse in, in the last second; he did not wish for people running here to his side, because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

He scrambled down to his knees, shoving every package he saw between his arms while cursing silently out, "Snickerdoodle Emilié! I see you are a mess, but that much of a mess? People aren't stupid! If you leave sanitary pads chillin' in the open you'd be exposed in no time!"

He took all of them!

Jumped up, running to his room and stored them at the safest place he thought might be the best place to hide stuff.

Under his bed.

While doing all that, crawling under the dusty bed, hiding the sanitary packages like a hamster his food; he spared not a moment of his thoughts that the sanitary pads might be given personally by Sera, who would never want to harm either of them, to Emilié, for the sole reason that she will someday during her seven months of stay, get back her period.

Since she is off the medication now, it would be natural that her body starts doing what it naturally has designed for a woman to be doing.

Sera conterplated much about whether it being smart or not giving Emilié some, since her cycle coming back naturally might even take more than half a year.

But, if it came earlier, the stoic Emilié would probably be too embarrassed to go to a grocery store to buy as a 'man' some sanies. And just go without it, dealing with the problem in her way.

So Sera had packed in some for the case she might need them.

Therefore, Aria's help to hide the 'evidence' for Emilié's real gender was plainly paving a path of a bitter gender reveal involving blood.

If Emilié still had the pads, she'd keep that ticking problem in the back of her mind, but now, it's hidden away under Aria's bed.

While this was this, an embarrassing predicament in the far future, a person approached Aria.

"What are you doing there?"


"Ouch!" Aria jumped up from the voice, hitting the back of his head on the wooden frame of the bed.

He crawled back out from under the bed where a hand helped him back up. "You okay there? I did not mean to scare the living daylight out of you."

"Argh.. I'm fine." Aria rubbed the back of his head. "Leevi? You finished the thing you had to do?"

"Yeah, I'm through with it." Leevi gave an insincere smile remembering the confrontation with Valentin.

In this point of time he really was through with Valentin, he never wished to meet that b!tch ever again! Alas... she was his sister.

"Anyways, what were you doing under the bed?" He changed the topic back to Aria to avoid further questions, but that one was a sensitive one too for Aria.

"Uhmm, I was.." He looked shiftingly around thinking what he should say, "ehm, storing some goods?"

Well, lying was not one of Aria's strengths, but luckily Leevi helped him out in this one.

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He saw Aria didn't want to talk about it and the little bit of what Leevi knew about Aria was that this guy had some really weird quirks, especially when it came to involve foods.

"Oh ok. Goods, sounds drugy, but yeah I will leave it be. I should better leave it be. And.."

He ignored the uncomfortable shifty mood of Aria and took a towel laying on the side on the table. "Your hair is still wet. Do you want to catch a cold in this chilling january weather?"

He draped the towel on Aria's still dripping hair slowly patting it dry.

Aria was surprised initially, but accepted it without objection, standing obediently there until his hair was all dry.

Aria was only milimeters away from Leevi, where Aria could see his long blond lashes casting shadows under Leevi's red rimmed doe eyes.

He had just to lean a bit in and their lips would touch.

An ambiguous moment was created, while both were oblivious to each others attractive presence. Than Leevi stopped, he finished drying Aria's hair and took a step back.

He looked over his shoulder to the open door of Emilié's room. "So your friend is the messy type."

"What?" Aria's eyes widened. 'Oh fudge!' He forgot to close the door!

He calmly speed walked to Emilié's door not to seem suspicious and closed it. "Sh- He is not messy. Only disorganized."

"Isn't messy disorganized?" Leevi smirked finding his remark funny. "Then.. are you disorganized too, since people do dry their hair and don't walk around like a drenchend puppy."

"Ugh" Aria puffed out his cheeks.

He took a box of candies out his pocket, taking out a piece and shoving it without permission in Leevi's mouth.


"You need some sweets, bad moods tend to have poisonous tongues and good food lifts the mood."

Leevi was astonished how naive this person in front of him was. If good food could make his whole mood lift, then he'd be obese by now at how many times he was angered out his skin.

Aria looked attentively at Leevi waiting for the sweetness to take his effect on him.

He looked like a puppy with his ears up straight and his tail wagging left to right.

"Hehe" Leevi had to smile picturing him in that get-up.

Now thinking about it, he did not mind much if this weird person was his cousin, they could go along very well.

He really got to ask if he or Emilié was related to him.

Aria seeing him smile leaped up in joy and showed off his trending dimpled smile. "You see, you see, sweets always work!"

"Yeah they do. By the way, this tastes very familiar and that box, isn't that mine?"

"Nope!" The joy in Aria disappeared instantly and he hid the candy box behind his back with a guarded look.

Never will he confess that the candy box belonged to Leevi and that he stole it right after the male student slammed on Leevi, and all the asking about his well-being was just a farce for him to take the sweet goods.

He didn't want to give anyone a reason to call him an uncaring black-eyed wolf, taking advantages of a victim.

Instead, he should care of being accused of being a thief but whatever, no one knows how Aria's head is wired. ¯\_( ° ,°)_/¯

"Pff- you can keep them. I still have some in my room." Leevi assured.

Hearing this, Aria let down his guard and became more relaxed. "Oh when that's the case."

"So they are mine." Leevi flashed a sly smile at Aria.

Aria's eyes widened as big as saucers. "You tricked me!"

"Nop, I didn't." Leevi shook his head, pointing at Aria. "You told me yourself. Which really doesn't matter, keep them."

"Ughh-" Aria began mopping. How easy can he be tricked?!

The real world was truly dangerous just as Sera told him. He should be very careful not to let slip Emilié's secret.

Denial and ignorance. Yes! That is the way to act.

"Hey! Earth to Aria, you still there?" Leevi waved his hand in front of Aria's face.

He was zooned out for too long.

"I really don't mind you taking them. Keep them. By the way, there is a BBQ place in the neighbourhood. Do you want to go there with me to check out the food?"

Hearing 'food', Aria came back online from his reflection mode. He was about to accept when his phone pinged.


He took a look. It was a message.

> FROM: Sera

> Aria you broke the rule. Your punishment is extended by a week. If you ask why. You know why, don't ask.

Aria was bemused. How fast did she knew about it? Was it because of the candies?

He had to do the rabbit-diet, but he deviated quite fast from it and relished on the taste of artificial made sweets.

No no! This black-hearted witch had nothing to say in his life anymore!

A guy was asking him out to go eat. And he can let his taste buds free rein to a food orgasm, as if he will wait another five weeks before giving it a try.

He was about to accept when he got another message.


He froze. 〣( ºΔº )〣

> FROM: Sera

> I am serious. If you don't want another extension, stick to the rules or I will hurl you back home and have a nice chat with you.

Ps. stop cussing at me.

How. Did. She. Know?! (ʘ_ʘ)

"Eating at the BBQ place... I-I don't think that will work..."