1 Chapter 1- Lucid to Vague

Laying down by an oak tree near a field full of colourful flowers, wearing a white, loose, shoulder less dress. I was pulling out petals of a daisy and gambling whether I should leave this horrific fate I'm in or stay and never feel and taste of freedom I've been dreaming of.

As I continue to pluck out the silk white petals, I heard those thunderous..... brutal footsteps. Without hesitation, I got up and ran as fast as I could.

Tempted to stop, the footsteps became louder and even more aggressive.

While my mindset was focus to escape from those footsteps, I slowly noticed that the whole scenery was gradually turning from a bright and joyful flower field to a gloomy and melancholic city. Despite the sudden change of scenery, that doesn't stop me from running. However, a brick wall says


I try to find a way to escape. But then I hear those footsteps. But this time, its closer than ever. Even though I have reached the point of no return, I masked my fearful expression and turn around to faced the one of chased me.

"Ace!" a honeyed voice called to me whilst breathing heavily from all the running.

As I turned to see the voice, I noticed that familiar physique, wide nose and ocean blue eyes.

"Connor!" I exclaimed with excitement as I ran towards him and pulled him to my embrace.

"The Notaro family is coming to murder." He trembled as he firmly rested his arms on my shoulders.

"We have to leave the country." he added

Before he was about to move, he was pulled away two body builder figured people.

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"Connor!" I screamed and try to sprint towards him but I feel something muscular straining me, preventing  me from moving.

In front of me, I saw Connor has been forcefully kneeled in front of five people. I couldn't really identify their faces but I can easily pick out that there are three male muscular bodies and a female athletic body standing sternly behind one strong male which overshadows everyone else.

"So you have the audacity to run away from me like that." The strong male spat at my brother then used his leg to forcefully pushed him to the cold ground.

He just simply didn't respond rather than laying down at the concrete, defeated.

"I'm sorry Ace." he cried

The next second I saw him unconscious on the floor. Blood covered his brown locks and soon formed a red pool.

"Connor!" I whimpered whilst being held captive.

Then the strong man walked toward me and in the process stepped on my lifeless brother.

"So you must be the sister I assume?" he asked in smoky tone, while I was finally released and then been held by the brother killer.

I couldn't comprehend his facial features except for his chocolate eyes and over towering body.

Prepared for the fate that I'll eventually face, I faced down and stare at the concrete floor attempting to not show vulnerability.

But I feel my chin being forcefully lifted up by his finger, revealing my eyes has formed to a waterfall

"What's the matter petalo?" he sarcastically sympathized, whilst lifted up my chin up to forcing me to observe his soulless eyes and his attractive features."Such a waste of a pretty face." He sarcastically whimpers and eventually pushed me to the ground not even acknowledging the pain I'm in.

Without warning, everything turned pitch black.

Then my eyes widen open to an old generic room, realising that as I lifted my whole body out of the bed. "It was a fucking dream." I whispered along with a sign of relief. Then I still couldn't grasp the fact that a hot man would kill me.

"Entitled bitch!" a woman with a shrill voice shouts out. "Make breakfast!" she continued "I'm hungry for fuck sakes!" she added

" Coming Lola!" I screamed trying to dress up with my blue tank top and jeans and I rushed downstairs to cook fried chicken for her.

"If you don't come back with McDonalds you will stay in this house for a month." she threatens me before I left the house to go to school.

"Ok then." I responded to her as I closed the door.

I will make the most of this freedom I muttered as I stare at the sun shining upon me.

"The Notaro family is coming to murder..."

Those precise words echoes through my head like grey clouds overtaking my train of thoughts.