1 When Fate Literally Hits You In The Face

The spring breeze raked through the city as the sun set casting an ominous shadow. It was a typical Wednesday in City E, however, a storm was brewing in a specific building.

"Have you found him." A deep voice spoke as his body emitted dangerous energy.

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His secretary, despite being by his side for years, was crying on the inside from the pressure his boss was showing him.

"Yes. Yes sir we have, according to our intel he will be making his routine jog through harbour street." Lei Shufen stood rigid in front of his boss, sweat dropping down his neck awaiting his next orders.

"Remember the plan, we strike tonight." Han XiLong turned around and stared out into the city. His eyes turned dark as he gazed into the impeding darkness as a wry smile curled up on his face.

'The Hunt begins and it begins tonight.'

Meanwhile on the other side of the city a certain woman was quietly walking through the streets, blending into the background with her head down. Her worn out sneakers hit the cement as she took long but powerful strides towards the harbour. Jiang Ying Yue wasn't in a particular rush but these were streets you never wanted to linger in too long. Her eyes glanced cautiously around her as she made sure no one was following her.

As she walked forward into a narrow lane she sensed three men hiding. 'Heh.' She laughed inwardly at the lack of stealth these men possessed, she could tell quickly that these men weren't trained - probably local thugs who thought they could rob her. Without altering them she noticed their presence, she kept her stance maintaining her pace. As she took her fifth step forward she saw a bulky man step in front of her.

"Well look who we caught. Little missy don't worry we won't hurt you as long as you give us everything you have. Aren't we nice men." He spoke with a crooked smile as he gazed at the woman in front of him. Her hood covered most of her face but her beauty couldn't be hidden. Just through her small body and silky black hair sticking out he was feeling his smile get bigger. 'Heh, even if she can give money I must try her out tonight.'

"Listen missy, if you don't have money I don't mind. Just stay with us tonight and we'll take that as payment. What do you say." He glanced at his two friends standing behind her just in case she ran. But surprisingly, she did not make a sound, her head did not even raise from its lowered position.

With that he stepped forward a blade in his hands, seeing her demure position he reached towards her hood ready to grab her hair and expose her identity. But right before he could touch her, the knife in his hands was quickly taken away and plunged into the neck of his friend. The second man went down just as quick with three small taps on his forehead. Blinking, he was stunned at how fast everything happened and before he could even process anything his head was bashed into the floor with a foot pressing it down. Sweat trickled down his back as he realized she was no ordinary woman.

"Who are you, let me go you wench, I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill - "

A dark chuckle rang through the air cutting him off. YingYue was amused that this man still tried to threaten her while it was her foot on his head right now. Pressing her foot down harder she leaned down to the man. Releasing her suppressed energy she stared him in the eyes, her cold sinister eyes piercing him.

"Mhm. You'll kill me how? Like how I just killed your two friends?"

The man blanched at her words, the sight of his two friends on the floor behind her scaring him further.

"Hehe. Don't worry I didn't kill them ...yet. I don't want any trouble disappear from my sight and this city right now and I'll let you live. But if I see you again...well I guess I'll just have to slit your throats and feed you to my dogs."

Pressing deeply one more time she knocked the man out and once again contained her dark energy reducing her to grey-man*. Walking away with the three men knocked out she glanced at her watch '9:00 p.m., I wasted my time playing with them and now I'm behind schedule.' YingYue hated being late as she was raised remembering the importance of time - one second could be the difference between life and death. Speeding up her walk she calculated the amount of time it would take her to reach her destination.

'15 minutes more, too long.' Remembering a shortcut through a dark alley she made a turn and headed down the pathway. Pulling her hoodie closer towards her body she breathed in the salty scent only the harbour could bring. Intending to speed up into a jog she bent her body forward as her senses went on red alert. Quiet but fast steps were heard behind her as they were quickly catching up with her. Analyzing the situation she could sense only one man but her senses kept telling her something was wrong. She would not be this alert if it was only one man.

Taking a deep breath in, she felt a presence right behind her as they reached towards her. She quickly turned and used a roundhouse kick to surprise attack the man who dared to attack her first.

As she swung around with force, her kick aimed for a head, it was suddenly stopped. Pale rough hands gripped her ankle as she stared into dark amused eyes.

"Well hello there sweetheart."

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