140 Feeling Emotions

"I'm definitely beating his ass when we get him" Ming Ming muttered. 

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"Not if I get to him first." Ying Yue was just as bitter when she responded to Ming Ming. She was a fool to have believed today would be a good day, the second she felt like so this situation occurred. Over six months of preparation to have been destroyed and restructured within a matter of minutes. 

Grabbing a random table she got on top and laid flat against it in a starfish position. Closing her eyes she controlled her breathing and channelled the anger out of her body. While she could force herself to become cold and shut down her emotions easily, around her friends she felt no need to. Feeling emotions was a privilege and learning how to control anger was important, leaving aside other emotions she felt anger was the most volatile. It could make you lose rationality and logic in unfavourable situations.

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